Tio Toto Pedro Ximenez Sherry NV

  • Century-Old Winemaking Tradition
  • Luscious & Opulent Natural Sweet Wine
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About the Wine

In Bodegas M. Gil Luque the art of winemaking has thrived since 1912. Tio Toto Pedro Ximenez Sherry NV is born from a century-old tradition of excellence. 

In 1984, Manuel Gil Luque took the helm of this noble enterprise. Little did he know that his creation would become a legend in the world of fine wines. The famous Pérez Marín family, renowned for Manzanilla La Guita, joined forces with Gil Luque, adding to the brilliance of this venture.

Fast forward to 1995, when Gil Luque made another significant move. He acquired several ancient soleras from Bodegas Fernando Carrasco Sagastizabal, transferring them to his modern facilities in Viña El Telegrafo, surrounded by 55 hectares of albariza vineyards. These old treasures, along with brandy, vinegar, and other wines, now reside under the watchful care of Gil Luque, who produces wines with the De Bandera label.

In January 2007, Grupo Estévez acquired Hijos de Rainera Pérez Marín. The De Bandera soleras from Gil Luque found a new home in a splendid cellar in El Puerto de Santa María, once owned by Cuvillo.

Tio Toto Pedro Ximenez Sherry NV emerges as a testament to tradition, quality, and passion. A natural sweet wine crafted from sun-dried Pedro Ximenez grapes. 

Tasting Notes: 100% Pedro Ximenez. A luscious, opulent, and intensely sweet sherry. Its bouquet is a delightful symphony of dried figs, raisins, coffee, and sultanas. On the palate, one encounters a velvety richness that never becomes cloying, thanks to an exceptionally fresh finish.



***Free Shipping on 6 or More Bottles of This Wine***