1997 Disznoko Tokaji Aszú Eszencia Hungary 500ML

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About the Wine

Eszencia is the cream of the crop for sweet Aszú Tokaji. Made exclusively from the free-run juice of the botrytis grapes, the sugar content is so high that it often takes years for fermentation to run its course. This wine is truly nectar, meant to be enjoyed in small quantities, and built to last for a Millenium. With a vintage of 1997, this wine is only scratching the surface of the amount of age that it can take. 

Dating back to 1413 on the land registry and ranked as a Tokaji first growth from 1732, Disznókő is known for producing top Tokaji. From years of dedication, the winery has crafted its own style of Tokaji wines – the legendary sweet white wines of Hungary. Driven by a passion for the purity of the fruit, the freshness of the grape varieties, and the complexity of the Botrytis, Disznókő has created a portfolio of utterly delicious wines.

Tokaji Aszú was once such a sought-after wine that it was almost only consumed by royalty in Europe and sparked copycats all around the world. Only fairly recently has the name been protected for exclusive use in the region. Disznókő is backed by the French wine group AXA that also owns Chateau Pichon Baron and Sudiraut. The wines showcase the exceptional winemaking history of the region with the expertise of some of France's top producers. 

Aging: Aged in Glass Demijohns until ready for bottling

Tasting Notes: Rich gold to deep amber. The nose promises the Disznókő Tokaji Aszú Eszencia concentration with its depths of scents of dried fruits, spices, and wood, honey and caramel, tea and tobacco. Sometimes forest fruits. Feisty fruit flavors with great acidity underscored by layers of creaminess. Voluptuous with a mellifluous concentration. A gorgeously rich wine, it emanates impeccable balance and great finesse. Luscious and luxurious.


Beginning to show some maturity, this lemon confit- and apricot-infused Tokay reveals sweet/tart tastes, honey and butterscotch accents, and a tangy finish. It feels like it could benefit from more bottle age, yet is delicious now. ~94 Wine Spectator

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