2010 Kaltern Serenade Alto Adige Passito Moscato Giallo Sweet 375ml

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About the Wine

This is the most famous wine from one of the top wineries in Alto Adige NE Italy, Cantina Kaltern. With more than a century of history, this town of Kaltern is defined by the nearby lake and by the cooperative winery with more than 650 members.

This wine has received 10 Tre Bicchiere awards in the last 11 years.

Tasting Notes: Brilliant golden yellow, the rich bouquet of exotic fruits and honey sweet blossoms. 11.5%


The 2010 Alto Adige Moscato Giallo Passito Serenade (375ml) is a delicious and sensual wine that will win you over thanks to its fragrant tones of dried flower, candied fruit, honey-roasted almond, soapy lavender tones and crushed white stone. This is a beautiful product that boasts wonderful complexity and intensity. In the mouth, it is creamy and rich with a lasting bite from the fresh acidity. This wine is built to last. ~94WA

The Moscatto Giallo Passito Serenade pulls off a tenth Tre Bicchieri. The 2010 version has its familiarly complex nose, with fresh apricot, dried fruit and petals, followed by a delicate saltiness and a full well-balanced length. ~Tre Bicchieri, Gambero Rosso

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