2012 Fattoria Monticino Rosso Albana di Romagna Passito 500ML

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  • Made From Historic Italian Variety
  • Elegant & Seductive Dessert Wine
  • Family Owned & Operated
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About the Wine

Albana is not only one of the great indigenous grape varieties of Romagna but is also a source of great joy for those who have a passion for dessert wines. The Albana raisin wine is only produced in vintages, with the best grapes left to wither on the vine and then harvested after they're attacked by botrytis.

Fattoria Monticino Rosso is a family-run estate. It was born in 1965 thanks to Antonio Zeoli, who bought the first nucleus of the family's vineyards. Antonio was joined by his sons Luciano and Gianni, who are now at the helm of the estate, and in 1985 the family acquired the "Monticino Rosso" farm. The farm is located on the hills of Imola, on the border with the municipality of Dozza, where the production of sparkling wines from Emilia gives way to the still and impetuous wines of Romagna. And it is with a sense of gratitude towards those who had the privilege of owning and loving these lands, preserving in them the cultivation of traditional vines, that Luciano and Gianni Zeoli continue this tradition by crafting wine with great passion and expertise.

Roman culture praised Albana as a great wine. Legend has it that Galla Placidia, daughter of Emperor Theodosius, while passing through a small town in Romagna, was offered a glass of Albana. The princess delightedly exclaimed, ”not so humbly you should drink, but ‘berti in gold‘ to pay homage to your sweetness.” So, from then on, the village was called Bertinoro and Albana was only drunk in precious cups. Even Emperor Frederick Barbarossa was a great admirer of Albana.

Beyond the legend, the first historical information about Albana di Romagna came from the famous Treaty of Agriculture written by the Bolognese Pier de Crescenzi in 1200. In fact, it contains the first description of Albana di Romagna and its production area, ”wine powerful and noble in flavor... and this grape variety is better throughout the Romagna.” In 1987, Albana di Romagna earned the distinction of being the first Italian white wine to receive the DOCG status, the most prestigious certification in which the high-quality wines can aspire in Italy. The Albana di Romagna is the flagship of the Romagna area, the native white grape variety most representative, and it is cultivated exclusively in Romagna.

Tasting Notes: The color is that of pure gold. The nose is characterized by shades of caramel, toffee, and honey interwoven with hints of dried fruit and citrus. Excellent complexity of aromas: ripe yellow fruit, dried apricots, and dates. Also, great balance that announces a wonderful harmony of flavors, just caressed by a slight feeling spicy, which enriches the bouquet. The palate is soft, elegant, and seductive. The outstanding balance is supported by a zesty freshness accented with hints of spice and tangerine peel in the background. Ends with orange peel, vanilla, oak elegance abd soft tannins that caress the full melancholy of seduction.


If you want to drink history, drink this. If you want to know the glory of unique Italian passito, buy this. A wine that will transport you, you would pay 5-10x as much for a wine as good from France or Austria. Dessert in a glass, this is a wine of meditation. ~97 pts, BHW Staff.

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