2014 Mondo del Vino Rinforzo Old Vine Primitivo Salento IGT

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  • OG Zinfandel
  • High Octane, Appassimento/Ripasso Style
  • Dark chocolate, blackberry fruit
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About the Wine

Mondo del Vino is a high quality winery in Puglia producing fantastic quality wines for pennies. If you love Amarone, Ripasso, Appassimento, or fruitier, New World wines like the Prisoner, then you'll love this wine.

Primitivo from the Adriatic coast is the original progenitor of the Zinfandel clone. You'll recognize the style as big on red and blue fruits and it takes on healthy dose of chocolate, raspberry, oak and vanilla. Old vines make this wine particularly plush, svelte, and deep in flavor.

This wine is particularly good in the cold weather and around the holiday season as it stands up to everything from honey baked ham to panettone and everything in between.

BHW panel tasted about 50 wines from the area and chose this one. Only a few cases remaining.



***Free Shipping on 6 or more bottles of this wine***