2018 Casa Madero Chardonnay Parras Valley Coahuila Mexico

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About the Wine

The story of the wines of the "New World" begins with a land grant from King Felipe II of Spain in 1597. Don Lorenzo Garcia was appointed to produce wine and brandy for the crown at the Hacienda de San Lorenzo. This set the stage for what is now acknowledged as the oldest winery in America.

In 1893, Evaristo Madero purchased the property. His grandson, Francisco Madero then became one of the initiators of the 1910 Mexican Revolution and later became the president of Mexico. 

Located in the north-central part of Mexico in Coahuila, at the foothills of the Sierra Madre Mountains, the Parras Valley is blessed with abundant water and the high elevation of 5000 feet provides warm days and cool nights.

Today, the winery is a leading example of modernization for the future of winemaking in Mexico. The winery is ISO 9000 certified by the Lloyds Register. Several parcels now have USDA National Organic Program compliance. The winery is the first winery in the Americas to be recognized as a Grandes Pagos, the highest designation a winery can receive from the Spanish government. Currently, only 17 wineries in Spain have this designation.

The wines have won 800 medals to date at some of the most important international wine competitions around the world.

If you've traveled to Mexico, you may have seen the Gran Reserva wines on wine lists at the best restaurants in Mexico for $200-400/btl. This is a unique opportunity to taste the value and quality of Mexican wines.

Blend: 100% Chardonnay

Vinification: 6 months in stainless steel, 5% in oak

Tasting Notes: This wine has an expressive and delicious, lip-smacking acidity. The touch of oak is really just a kiss, almost indistinguishable. But, the layer of depth makes this wine eminently gulpable. Aromas of apples and pears, and a lemon-lime twist make this wine a perfect foil for a ceviche, tuna tacos, or just a lazy day by the pool. This is truly one of the finest white wines in Mexico!


These wines are a revelation. What are you waiting for?


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