2018 Domaine Verdier Muscadet Sevre-et-Maine 'Gorges' Cru Sur Lie Loire Valley

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  • 95 Point Vintage, Wine Advocate
  • Muscadet, An Overlooked Treasure
  • Go-to Wine for Seafood Lovers
  • Excellent as Aperitif
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About the Wine

Melon de Bourgogne a.k.a Muscadet is a grape that delivers amazing, crispy, fun white wines. Wine Spectator named it an “overlooked treasure,” stating that “in today's world of bigger is better, it's easy to overlook Muscadet. But for the adventurer seeking variety as the spice of life, this white wine from near the mouth of France's Loire River provides a refreshing alternative to the more standard fare, at very attractive prices.”

To taste the true beauty of Muscadet, we have to adventure ourselves in France, specifically in the wonderful Loire Valley, where Muscadet vines have been cultivated since around the year 1600.

Domaine Verdier is one of the most emblematic producers of this fantastic and different white grape. Its vines, which range from 40 to 70 years old, benefit from a marvelous terroir, located on the banks of the Sèvre and Maine rivers.

Owner and winemaker Georges Verdier have dedicated his life to producing these exquisite wines, always prioritizing the quality. Everything starts in the vineyard, which is managed with extreme care, including very low yield management, the use of autochthonous yeasts, and a classic vinification process.

2018 was an outstanding year for white wines in Loire Valley. Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate blessed this vintage with a 95-point review.

2018 Domaine Verdier Muscadet Sevre-et-Maine 'Gorges' Cru Sur Lie Loire Valley spends 2 years Sur Lies, this gives extra texture and character to the wine. The result is powerful. You’ll experience a pure, aromatic, exciting, and complex wine.

Tasting Notes: 100% Melon de Bourgogne. This is a fresh and beady wine with an aroma of fresh fruits and flowers like apricot and hawthorn. After one or two years of maturing, mineral and iodine flavors emerge, as well as an aroma of fresh melon. In the mouth, the tasting is fresh and pleasant, with a good and lasting taste. Its richness unfolds after a few months of in-bottle growing and can be conserved for years Pair this wine with seafood, such as oysters, lemon soles, crayfish, and grilled fish, as well as with goat and other fresh cheeses. It's also the perfect aperitif.



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