2018 Viña Aquitania Lazuli Cabernet Sauvignon Valle de Maipo Peñalolen Chile

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  • Owned by Cos d'Estournel's Former Owner & Winemaker & Ch. Margaux Former Technical Director 
  • Winemaker was Bollinger's President
  • "In One of the Best Vintages of the Decade, Lazuli Shines" ~97 Des
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About the Wine

Viña Aquitania is a truly enchanting winery in Chile that brings together a bunch of wine rockstars. Here's how the story goes:

The journey began in 1984 when Bruno Prats and Paul Pontallier, esteemed winemakers with deep roots in Bordeaux, embarked on a journey to find the ideal location for crafting wines in Chile. Now, to truly grasp the importance of these two, let's dive into their remarkable backgrounds:

Bruno Prats: A distinguished French winemaker, Bruno not only owned and skillfully managed Château Cos d’Estournel from 1968 to 1998 but also held the prestigious position of President of “The Classified Growths of The Médoc” from 1978 to 1998. His influence extended across borders, as he partnered and contributed his winemaking expertise to estates such as Chryseia in Portugal, Anwilka and Klein Constantia in South Africa, and Alfynal in Spain.

Paul Pontallier: He was an accomplished French winemaker and agronomist, Paul's expertise was not only confined to winemaking. He was a respected Winemaker Professor at the University of Santiago and had also taken on the role of winemaker and technical director at the renowned Chateau Margaux since 1983.

United by their shared passion and expertise, Bruno and Paul took the bold step of purchasing land and establishing a brand-new winery near Santiago, Chile, specifically in the picturesque Valle de Maipo. This pivotal moment marked the birth of Viña Aquitania.

Fast forward to the present, where the legacy is upheld by none other than Felipe de Solminihac, a talented Chilean winemaker with a heritage that ties back to France. Joining him on this journey is Ghislain de Montgolfier, notable for his past role as the President of Bollinger Champagne House. This group is a team of superstars!

Lazuli is the iconic wine of Viña Aquitania, named after the beautiful Chilean stone Lapis Lazuli. It's a special Cabernet Sauvignon wine from the Andes near the Maipo Valley, known for its smooth tannins and distinctive mountain aromas like mint and spice. 

Aging: French oak barrels of 400 and 225 liters for 16 months (33% new, 33% 2nd use, 33% 3rd use).

Tasting Notes: 100% Cabernet Sauvignon. An intense ruby-red color. Very elegant and complex nose, which presents aromas of ripe red fruits, and spices, with notes of dried fruits like figs and prunes that blend with notes of mocha and tobacco. The palate is harmonious and complex, very elegant, with a pleasant combination of fruits and spices. With soft, round tannins, this wine has great structure and a lingering finish.


The first harvest of Lázuli was in 2002 and in the first years, it was a mixture of fruits from Macul, from vineyards on the property, and also from Isla de Maipo. However, since 2011 Lázuli, the top of the winery, is made one hundred percent from its vineyards in Macul, a historic area in Alto Maipo, towards the foot of the Andes. Following this winery's cabernet route, which begins at Aquitaine Cabernet, continues at Paul Bruno, and culminates here, one can see clear connections that speak of a place where this Lazuli expresses itself with crystal clarity. The earthy and menthol aromas, the ripe red fruits, the herbal touches that unfold elegantly in the mouth, on smooth, highly polished tannins; the acidity is sharp, refreshing, with a herbal and minty finish. In one of the best vintages of the decade, Lazuli shines. ~97 Descorchados

~96 Tim Atkin, Master of Wine

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