2019 Botter 'Tor del Colle' Montepulciano d'Abruzzo Riserva

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About the Wine

Casa Vinicola Botter was founded by Carlo Botter in 1928 in Italy. Today, it is managed by the family’s third generation: Luca, Annalisa, and Alessandro Botter. They are now leading the company, integrating their almost centenary traditions with a new vision focused on the future and innovation.

As a family-run company, they firmly believe that it is their responsibility to give a suitable response to the expectations and needs of customers.

Being reputable and reliable means guaranteeing that products meet the health and quality expectations of buyers and making them in accordance with responsible ethical and environmental behavior standards.

For Casa Vinicola Botter, sustainability is something that spans economic, social, and environmental spheres. In order to pave the way to wellbeing, safety, education, and health, they believe every action and approach must satisfy the needs of people today without compromising the future of generations to come.

Their environmentally-friendly outlook can be seen in their efforts to minimize pollution, waste, and reliance on non-renewable energy across the production chain. This mission also inspired Casa Vinicola Botter to achieve their certified-organic status, which they have held since 2009. 

Puglia, located in southern Italy, is most commonly identified as the heel of the Italian “boot." This region is home “Tor del Colle.” Their aim is to express the culture and tradition of the Italian “heel”, where the wines have a distinctive, definite flavor as their region. These wines are one of a kind and induce feelings of a Mediterranean breeze under the warmth of the sun.  

The profile of Abruzzo, Molise, and Apulia could have been drawn by a stylist to make Italy look like a masterpiece: the “heel” that makes the Italian “boot” unique. Elegant heels can turn sporty or bold ones can become romantic thanks to a detail that makes the difference. The heel of the Italian “boot” is made of three beautiful regions. Starting from L’Aquila, reaching Campobasso, and arriving in Bari, we discover gentle hills that become wonderful beaches as we approach the sea. Here we can also explore ancient towers reminding us the splendor of the rich castles that once dominated these territories. The brand name “Tor del Colle” is a tribute to the magnificence of towers that from their highness could dominate the whole area. This brand aims to express the culture, the unique food tradition of the Italian “heel”, where wines have a distinctive, definite flavor as their territory.

Aging: 12 months in barrel and 12 months in steel tanks.

Tasting Notes: Deep red colour with garnet flecks tending to purple with ageing. Intense, vinous bouquet with an immediate cherry flavour changing to notes of blackberries and liquorice with bottle age. Dry and herbaceous on the palate, it becomes round full-bodied and more balanced with age. An ideal accompaniment to roasts, games, grilled meats and firm cheeses.



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