2019 Rinforzo Primitivo Salento Puglia

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  • OG Italian Zinfandel
  • Made in the Appassimento Style
  • Rich & Opulent Prisoner Style Wine
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About the Wine

The Greeks referred to this part of Italy as Oenotria, the land of grapes. With millenia of experience and history, this is an area where one finds some of the oldest and original grape varietals.

2019 Rinforzo Primitivo Salento is an iconic red wine from Puglia that hails from the magnificent region of Manduria—located in the high Ionian Salento just 10 km from the sea and the spectacular towns of Lecce and Brindisi. We're in the heel of the boot.

The proximity to the sea makes these grapes rich in mineral, unique and sun-bathed in sea air. If this wine were a person, it would be the most tan and stylish one around.

Produced with a particular method called "Appassimento", this procedure that leaves the grapes to air dry for four weeks to concentrate aromas and flavors. The semi-dried grapes and those in in boxes go to the "drying room" at a controlled  temperature. The grapes are then de-stemmed, crushed and fermented. After pressing, the wine ages in small wooden barrels for 8 to 10 months.

This technique helps "reinforce" Primitivo Salento grape's best clusters. As a result, wines obtain greater complexity with elegant notes of rich dark chocolate, Mediterranean herbs, and velvety tannins with an opulent mouthfeel.

The result is a complex full-bodied, fruit forward wine with aromas of black fruits and spices. In the mouth it has hints of dried plums, raisins, Marasca cherries and dark chocolate. This is truly a wine to experience and enjoy. 

2019 Rinforzo Primitivo Salento Puglia is produced by MGM Mondo del Vino, a  leader in high-quality Italian wine from the top wine-producing areas all around the country. The team of oenologists and winemakers involved in the field produce internationally award-winning wines

Tasting Notes: 100% Primitivo. The nose is rich, and persistent with a slight taste of bitter chocolate, ripe plums, and aromatic herbs from the Mediterranean sea. A mind-blowing explosion of flavors and aromas.



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