Astarbe Sagardotegia 'Byhur' Sparkling Cider Brut Nature NV

    • Méthode Champenoise Dry Cider
    • No Sugar Added
    • Served at Three Star Michelin Restaurants
    • Cult Cider Producer in Basque Country
    • 8% abv makes this ideal for afternoon imbibing
    • Free Shipping on 6 or More Bottles

About the Wine

Astarbe is THE cult cider producer in the Basque country. Founded in 1563, this estate is one of the oldest cider houses in Gipuzkoa, and since its inception (over 5 centuries ago) it has remained in the hands of the same family. Today, the fifteen generations of the Astarbe (Hur, Joseba, and Kizkitza) are taking the lead.

The estate is located in Gipuzkoa, nestled between the Santiagomendi, Txoritokieta mountains, and the Adarra peak. Here, the Astarbe siblings grow their own apples, and a couple of years ago, they started to recover planting techniques and varieties of apples that their ancestors managed.

The brothers have enormous respect for the land, fruit, and their ancestor’s legacy. They say, “Cider is part of who we are, and we’ve been making it since 1563. We tend to our apple trees throughout the year so that, come autumn, the best fruit is ready for harvest, a process we carry out by hand before selecting the best apples.” 

After this very careful selection of apples, the must is transferred into select wooden casks called ‘kupelas’. The cider is bottled following alcoholic fermentation. Astarbe Sagardotegia ByHur Brut Nature is produced with the same traditional or Champenoise sparkling wine method. The result is an amazing, elegant, dry cider with low alcohol (8% ABV).

Aging: Méthode traditionnelle, 12 months of aging.

Tasting Notes: Fermented Apples:  Astarbe, Mendiola.

Explosive and fleeting, giving way to floral, pear and naturally gala and green apple notes. The fine bubbles leave fresh, lip-smacking quality on the palate. This is wonderful with the afternoon, nuts, manchego, and anchovy stuffed green olives. Herbal end notes combine with a toasted oak and bitter almond; reflections of this natural Basque cider, with a dry finish, leaving us wanting more of this sparkling cider. Looking for something different and refreshing? Try this.


***Free Shipping on 6 or More Bottles of This Wine***