Dom. Phillipe Brisbarre Sec Chenin Blanc Vouvray 2001

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A classic Vouvray, this wine has a bouquet of honey and flowers, with a pleasant hint of straw in the nose. On the tongue, peaches and cream, balanced by a subtle mineral background: floral, fruity, with a hint of steel. This is a classic French food wine, made to be drunk with poultry and fish, but it is surprisingly delicious with Chinese and Thai foods as well. The secret to M. Brisbarre’s genius in working with Chenin Blanc is generations of experience and a great location in the Vallée Chartier, one of the more prized of Vouvray’s mini-ecosystems. He is also remarkable for severely limiting yield, giving his wines an intensity and fullness found only in the best producers of the Loire Valley, where all other Chenin Blanc wines find their original home.