2016 Governo di Castallare Castallare di Castellina Tuscany

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  • Rarely seen Governo style
  • Perfect warm weather wine
  • 97 pt Vintage in Tuscany
  • Free Shipping on 6 or More Bottles

About the Wine

The Castellare estate is one of the best examples of tradition in the area. The winery’s owner, Paolo Panerai, has closely studied the world’s best wineries and applied this understanding and experience to viticulture in Italy. Governo is a not often seen style in the United States. The wine is made in a lighter style with dried grapes added late in the fermentation process. This acts as a way to bring the body up slightly and adds a touch of complexity to the finished product. This wine is the perfect red for the upcoming warm season.

The Castellare property, located in Tuscany’s Castellina in Chianti, has become a virtual refuge for wildlife, including many of the birds pictured on their labels. With each vintage, the Castellare label shows a different bird, symbolizing the estate’s commitment to environmentally sound cultivation. The birds selected for the labels are among the rarest creatures in Chianti, and represent birds threatened by extinction, mostly due to synthetic chemical products and hunting, both of which are forbidden on this property.

Tasting Notes: light ruby red. The nose is delicately floral. On the palate, this is smooth, lively, easy-drinking wine.  



***Free Shipping on 6 or More Bottles of this Wine***