Hideyoshi Flying Pegasus Daiginjo Sake

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  • Only 300 Bottles Produced Each Year
  • Extremely Rare Aged Style of Sake
  • 19 Generations of Continuous Operation
  • Free Shipping on 6 or More Bottles

About the Wine 

Hideyoshi is a brewery that stands for exceeding expectations. Whether it is using only premium local rice for brewing, milling the rice beyond the requirement for label terms, or even aging well beyond requirement, Hideyoshi always over-delivers. The Flying Pegasus is the culmination of all of these aspects, and the results are impeccable. 

This sake is produced in extremely small runs, with as few as 300 bottles made every year. This is largely due to the low yields from milling the rice down to 40% of its original grain size. Another factor is that the blend going into the bottle is a 3, a 5, and a 7-year-old Sake. This long aging period is what allows the bottle to bear the Koshu designation. 

Suzuki Shuzoten is one of the oldest continually operating sake houses in Japan, and one of Akita's most well-known and respected breweries. Founded by Matsuemon Suzuki in 1689, the brewery has been run by the Suzuki family for 19 generations. The name Hideyoshi was given to the brewery by the local lord Satake. It is said that he tasted all of the sake in Akita and judged the sake of this brewery to be the very best

Sake is a drink made from rice grains and it is the typical beverage of Japan. Its preparation is particularly interesting. Unlike other cereals, in sake, the fermentation (the process of transformation sugar into alcohol) and the transformation of starch happen at the same time, making it a double special alcoholic beverage and a pleasure to drink!

Daiginjo is at the top of the Sake quality pyramid, to label a sake Daiginjo, the rice must be milled down to at least 50% of its original size.Daiginjo only makes up 3% of all the Sake made in Japan.

Tasting Notes: Delicate nose showcases a very savory aroma. That palate is rich and broad, confirming many of the savory aromas. Pairs perfectly with a variety of meats, nuts, and cheeses. 



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