Jean Babou Élégance Blanquette de Limoux Brut

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About the Wine

Are you asking yourself where and what is a Limoux? You are not alone! It may surprise you to learn that Limoux is the true birthplace of the winemaking style Champagne is so famous for. Creating the sparkle in sparkling wine through a secondary fermentation occurring in the bottle as opposed to a tank or barrel was first recorded in the French region of Limoux in 1531. Over 200 years before Champagne rose to prominence. More specifically the record from 1531 referenced Blanquette de Limoux. This Limoux style of sparkling wine is distinctive for its use of the Mauzac grape. An indigenous varietal that has become extremely rare to find. In 1990 it became mandatory to use a minimum of 90% Mauzac in order to safeguard the Blanquette de Limoux heritage and honor the legacy of the region laid down by the Monks almost 500 years ago. 

Sieur d'Arques, a group of growers and winemakers is one of the most prominent producers in Limoux. Creating sparkling wines with finesse and elegance, crafted from grapes picked entirely by hand and vinified using only traditional methods.

In 2007 Sieur d'Arques joined an ambitious initiative, Vignerons en Développement Durable(winegrowers for sustainable development). An initiative created and backed by wine growers and producers. Founded on 37 commitments, the program incorporates environmental, economic, and social dimensions. Saving natural resources, protecting biodiversity, produce healthy wines, stimulate direct and indirect creation of jobs, and paying producers fairly to name a few.

Limoux is one of France's first designated appellations, classified in 1938. Located in the Pyrenean foothills, in the Languedoc region in southern France. At the crossroads of Atlantic and Mediterranean climate influences, the Limoux wine region is one of great richness and diversity. The Mediterranean influence in the east, along with the temperate climate due to the oceanic influence in the west, ensures that the region receives the perfect amount of sunshine and rainfall distributed throughout the year. Ensuring grapes ripen beautifully while still preserving acidity, an essential component of sparkling wine.

Tasting Notes: Sparkling Wine. 90% Mauzac 5% Chenin Blanc 5% Chardonnay. Elegance in a bottle! Pale yellow color with green tints. Fine and lingering bubbles. A fresh nose of white flowers, pear, and citrus. A lively palate with notes of dried fruits and toasted aromas on the finish.



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