Jose Maria da Fonseca Alambre Moscatel de Setubal 10 Years 500ML

  • Perfect Aperitif or Digestif Sweet Wine
  • "The Rich Yet Honed Palate is Delicious" ~91 Roger Voss, WE
  • Over 200 Years of Winemaking Expertise
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About the Wine 

Some years ago, Jose Maria da Fonseca decided to brand its Moscatel as Alambre. Alambre was the name of the estate where José Maria da Fonseca first planted vines of the Moscatel grape variety, and also refers to the wine’s amber color. Dedicated to producing wine in a sustainable fashion, Jose Maria da Fonseca is on the cutting edge of wine production.

Under the guidance of Domingos Soares Franco - the first Portuguese winemaker to graduate from the recognized University of Davis in California - a team of hand-picked winemakers are responsible for undertaking a wide range of research, studies, experiments, and innovation that make José Maria da Fonseca a pioneer in much of what is done in terms of enology in Portugal and in the world. This is a job that starts in the vineyard, covers the entire production process, and ends in the bottled wine. 

Nestled south of Lisbon, the Setúbal Peninsula boasts a unique climate influenced by the Tagus and Sado Rivers and the Serra da Arrábida hill range. The Mediterranean characteristics, with hot, dry days and humid nights, create the perfect conditions for producing fortified wines of unparalleled quality.

José Maria da Fonseca is committed to sustainable winemaking, ensuring that each bottle of Alambre Moscatel de Setúbal not only delights the senses but also respects the environment. This dedication to sustainability and innovation has positioned José Maria da Fonseca as a leader in the global wine industry.

Aging: Used oak barrels. The age of 10 years blend varies between 10 to 15 years.

Tasting Notes: 100% Moscatel. Dark golden color, reminiscent of precious amber, with a captivating bouquet of orange peel, apricot, nuts, honey, and fennel. On the palate, it offers an elegant interplay of toast and fruit, delivering a soft yet complex mouthfeel, and finishes exceptionally long, leaving a lasting impression of sweetness and sophistication.


This fortified wine offers fresh orange peel and honey aromas. The rich yet honed palate is delicious in flavors of apricot preserves and nuts. Drink now. ~91 Roger Voss, Wine Enthusiast

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