Montanaro Barolo Chinato 500ML

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  • .The Perfect Digestive Wine
  • Historic Grappa Producer Founded in 1885
  • Elegant & Sophisticated
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    About the wine

    If there is anyone we can be thankful for the delicious Italian elixir called Grappa, is Francesco Trusonni. In 1855, Francesco had the great idea to produce a distillate from a single grape, called “Grappa di Barolo”. Let’s give a round of applause to this man that has to deliver one of the best digestives out there! The Montanaro Barolo Chinato is the perfect summer & winter wine. During the Summer, you can serve this wine with ice and soda. During the winter you can take it at room temperature and pair it with your favorite chocolates next to the campfire. Enjoy the splendors of this unique and versatile wine.

    In 1922, the company became the property of Mario Montanaro (hence the name of the distillery) and his wife Angela Trussoni. This couple and their son Giuseppe managed to perfect the process of making this delicious digestif. They also adapted modern equipment to the factory. Since then and until today, Montanaro has followed a long tradition, producing with the same alembics, methods, and even suppliers. We can assure you that this Grappa has not lost its style, quality, and essence from the moment of its creation!

    Since 2000, the company passed into the hands of a group of businessmen from the Albese region. They have managed to maintain the quality of their delicious products and establish the distillery as one of the Top distilleries in the world.

    In addition to Grappa, the company produces Brandy’s, botanical and coffee liqueurs, vermouth, and the hidden gem: Barolo Chinato.

    Barolo Chinato is a flavored wine, made from Barolo, and despite not being a Denomination of Origin, only Barolo DOCG wine can be used to produce Barolo Chinato. This fortified wine is macerated with more than 30 herbs and spices.

    Montanaro Barolo Chinato is still being created with the original and special recipe of the distillery. Although it was originally considered to have medicinal properties, it is currently consumed as a digestive or dessert wine. It is a wonderful, elegant and sophisticated wine.

    Tasting Notes: Deep ruby red, an intense aroma, and balsamic spicy herbaceous notes. Soft in the mouth with a fresh and persistent sip characterized by a bitter aftertaste given by rhubarb and Gentian and by the intense flavors of cinnamon, China Calissaia, and cloves. Pair this wine with your favorite chocolate dessert or drink it as a digestive. 



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