The Rare Wine Co. Historic Series Boston Bual Madeira NV

  • Desert Island Wine
  • Drink like George Washington & Benjamin Franklin
  • "Non-Vintage Madeira Benchmark" ~Wine Enthusiast
  • Incredible Balance and Refreshing Acidity
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About the Wine

Decanter said it best, “If ever there was a bottle of wine to take to a desert island, Madeira has to be the one.”

Madeira is a Portuguese Island, (that was the favorite destination of Sir Winston Churchill,) which is located in the Atlantic, 700km off the coast of Africa. Its fertile volcanic soils, naturally high yields, and microclimate factors make this a paradise on earth and the perfect place to produce the ultimate, long-lasting sweet wine.

Americans loved Madeira just as much as Sir Winston Churchill. In fact, in the 18th century, this was the most coveted wine in the USA. It used to be the go-to wine for Presidents, and important personalities in the country. Fun fact: It was the wine selected to toast the signing of the Declaration of Independence, and George Washington’s Inauguration.

Some years passed by, and Madeira was overshadowed, but it all changed in the 21st century, with the creation of stunning wines like The Rare Wine Co.’s Historic Series,which arose that same excitement for Madeira as many years ago.

RWC Historic Series is a project between The Rare Wine Co. (premium wine merchants) and top Madeira producer, Vinhos Barbeito. It was born with the dream of creating top-quality Madeira at affordable prices.

The Rare Wine Co. Historic Series’ wines are remarkable. They have been instrumental in rekindling interest in Madeira in the United States, and according to Wine Enthusiast, they have “set the bar as benchmark offerings for non-vintage Madeiras.”

The names behind these wines come from cities in the US, where Madeira was extremely popular back in the 18th century. Boston Bual Malmsey acknowledges the North’s appreciation of sweeter Madeiras.

Boston Bual shows an incredible balance and refreshing acidity. Roy Hersh, Port, and Madeira expert say it “emulates some of the finest qualities of vintage Madeira ... exhibiting a light amber-tawny color and a nose of dried figs, walnuts, maple syrup, mahogany and a sense of bouillon cube; the mélange of fragrances is complex and compelling. Medium in weight initially, it develops greater heft after a few days open, with a rich and sumptuous mouthfeel.”

Aging: Bual must is fermented to 40-60g/l sugar, and then brandy is added to stop fermentation and to achieve a final alcohol level between 17% and 20%. Aged in cask.

Tasting NotesThis wine is a work of art. The hallmark of this wine is its otherworldly complexity, featuring cinnamon-clove spiciness with overtones of citrus peel and woodsmoke. There is just enough sweetness to excel as an after-dinner wine, but its long, dry finish also makes it work beautifully with food. Note that, after opening this wine, it can last for 3 or 4 months in your refrigerator. 


An old concentrated Boal in this blend, which has a dark tawny/toffee color. Quite a bright nose, with citrus and some pear-like aromatics, and a fine chocolaty character. The palate is very lush, with weight and sweetness that floods across the palate, and gives plenty of body and smooth, chocolaty flavor. ~94 Tom Cannavan

Slightly richer than the Charleston Sercial, the Boston Bual boasts knockout aromas of toasted nut oil, orange peel, and hints of dark honey or maple syrup. Despite the extra weight and sweetness, it's not cloying at all—the finish is mouthwatering and long. ~93 Wine Enthusiast

Light, bright amber. Deep aromas of cherry pit, candied orange, toffee, and molasses, lifted by a note of dried rose. Chewy in texture, with dry-edged nut and burnt orange flavors, a touch of molasses sugar, and a good back-end grip. Quite sweet but the wine's acidity adds focus, nerve, and a finishing bite. ~92 Vinous Media

Nutty aromas and flavors are filled with buttery notes in this plush and sweet style. Dried apricot and mango details add to the richness. Finishes with seductive smoke, dried beef, and cocoa powder components. Drink now through 2050. 550 cases imported. ~93 Wine Spectator

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