Yzaguirre Rojo Reserva Vermouth 1L

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About the wine

It was born in the Yzaguirre Winery in El Morell, between Reus and Tarragona, the result of the centuries-old experience of some wineries that since 1884 have been dedicated to the production of vermouth. During all these years Yzaguirre has elevated their product following traditional methods and well-kept formulas, the secret of their exclusive aroma and flavor. At the same time,

Yzaguirre has continued the pursuit of improving the quality of their expansive range of vermouths.

Their artisan process that places allows them to create one of the best vermouths in Spain. A commitment to quality that the Yzaguirre brand has carried around the world, with commercial expansion both in the Spanish market and in international markets, reaching 40 countries in Europe, Asia, America, and Africa.

Yzaguirre has a Vermouth for every palate: the sweetness of cinnamon or vanilla; the most bitter flavors of the Cretan dittany or cinchona; the aromas of cardamom, gentian, or coriander; or the burning taste of nutmeg. Enjoy as an aperitif or a mid-afternoon drink. An excellent long drink, with a few drops of Campari, 3 or 4 ice cubes, a slice and a broken orange rind, and a mint leaf. Ideal for meat or game stews, paella with seafood or pastries.

Tasting Notes: Aromatic and velvety; with notes of wood, herbs, and spices reminiscent of ripe fruit. Its taste is balanced, in harmony with its acidity. Its twelve months in oak barrels give it consistency and character. If you like the flavor of coca-cola, there is a reminiscent soda flavor in this vermouth. 18% abv.



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