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Let’s talk about buying wine online because you’ve probably gotten used to it being stuck at home during the pandemic. But how do you know you are getting the best case deals on the wine you buy online?

Because a friend told you where to shop?

Because you’ve heard of,, or some other big-box retailer?

Because you Googled wine online and clicked the first entry that came up?best-way-to-buy-wine-online

Well, we have a better way. In fact, we have the best way to buy wine online.

The Best Way to Buy Online

Ok, so we’re going to tell you to buy from us. You knew that. Every company wants you to buy from them, of course.

But what we’re also going to tell you is why you should buy wine online from us.

The #1 reason you should buy from Big Hammer Wines is you’ll get wine that is twice as good for half the money.

It’s like moving from the West Coast to a smaller city in the Southeast. You’ll get twice the house for half the cost.

No lie.

You’re probably thinking, No way! How can that be true?way-around-three-tier-wine-system-best-wine-deals-online

The Way Around the Three-Tier Wine System

Big Hammer Wines knows wine. Of course, many companies know wine, but we live, breathe, eat, smell, taste, and savor it. Every day. All day. Wine is our passion, our reason for living.

We LOVE wine, and we LOVE sharing wine with you.

The savvy owner of BHW, Greg Martellotto, came up with an ingenious business model because he got tired of watching consumers shell out their precious cash for over-priced, mediocre wine.

Ever heard of the three-tier system?

Yeah, that system.

The federal legal system everyone in the wine world hates, except for those in the middle tier. Those who are making most of the money and controlling what wines you can buy and the price you pay.

Greg found a way around it.

The Way Wine Works for us Online

Simply, here’s how it works.

Greg’s incredible team visits wine regions all over the world. They talk to everyone in the business and taste everything.

Then they rate each wine using their strict and high standards, including price.

When one of the 4,500 wines they taste makes the cut, they high-five and call it a day.

Well, it’s more than that.

Of all the wines they taste, only 4% pass the test. Only these wines are good enough for our customers - wines that taste like they cost twice as much as they do.

You’ll drink the best $40 wine but pay only $20. And get free shipping if you buy at least a half-case (6 bottles.)

Satisfaction guaranteed. We promise you’ll love these wines, and the prices even more.

The Ingenious Online Wine Deals Idea

So, what’s the secret?

Something so simple. Cut out the guys in the middle making all the money. Cutting them out means cutting costs and passing savings on to customers.

Big Hammer Wines operates a lean business. There are no fancy corporate offices, just a couple of warehouses storing the dazzling wines.

Being a direct importer of wine has many benefits, which means they don’t pay intermediaries, and you get more savings.

Buying in bulk and selling online direct to consumers cuts costs even more, allowing us to offer near wholesale pricing.

And our professional staff includes only wine experts, no salespeople.

In Summary

When you buy wine from Big Hammer Wines, you get:

  • the most competitive prices in the marketplace
  • only fine wine, not boring wine, because we don’t sell boring wine
  • email and text deals when you want, based on what you like
  • transparency - we don’t make up or pay for wine reviews
  • satisfaction guaranteed - we promise you’ll love our wines
  • free delivery to your door when you buy six bottles or more
  • easy and convenient ordering process
  • superior customer service
  • flexible and customizable wine club options
  • friends in the wine business who share your passion.
  • Did we mention, no salespeople?

Buy your wine from a company you can trust to have your interests in mind.

Whether you are a wine explorer who wants to try new wines or know what you like and want the best price, Big Hammer Wines takes care of you.

Big Hammer Wines

The wine experts at Big Hammer Wines taste thousands of wines every year from around the globe, looking for quality and value. This special offer reflects the passion we have for our clients.

Discover the world through its wines, ClickHere! Visit and become a wine expert!

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