New Wine Deals Website, Case by Case Wines, Launched August 1 Displacing Grocery Stores

On August 1 Big Hammer Wines launched a sister company wine deals website, Case by Case Wines, offering consumers the best deals on wine delivered to their doorstep.  With the new site, consumers choose curated fine wines by the case at near wholesale prices, free shipping included. 

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“Case by Case Wines is a game-changer. Because of COVID-19, consumers have changed the way they buy wine,” says owner Greg Martellotto. “We want consumers to drink better wine than they get at their local grocery store, at better prices, and have it delivered to their door. No choosing, no comparing price, no pick-up. They order online, and extraordinary wine arrives at their homes on their schedule. Satisfaction guaranteed.”

Best Deals on Wine

Buying wine from grocery stores makes less sense every day. In the global wine marketplace, options are endless, but this is not apparent in the grocery channel. The three-tier regulatory system in the U.S. encourages industry consolidation. This results in less availability and choice in wine for consumers. Wines sold at grocery stores are priced higher to cover the mark-up at each tier. Wine drinkers pay more.

Case by Case Wines, a direct to consumer wine portal, is built on a vertically integrated structure and a volume-based model. Under this model, middlemen are cut out, high-cost infrastructure is significantly reduced, and buying in bulk results in lower prices. Consumers enjoy higher quality, have more choice, and pay less, closer to wholesale.

The wine professionals of Case by Case travel the world sourcing unusually good wine from famous and emerging regions. Dealing only in fine wine, they winnow out most of the 5,000 wines they taste every year. By knowing the winemakers and the wine growers, they have the connections to find the few wines that meet their high standards. 

With an easy online experience, wine lovers choose:

  • the type of wine
  • the case quantity (6 or 12 bottles)
  • the delivery term (monthly, every other month, every three months) 

Those wanting premium quality wine can upgrade. Case by Case Wines does everything else. Buyers pay as they go with no time or minimum case commitments. 

Coming soon will be an option for buyers to personalize their case. They can currently select Red Wine Lovers; Red & White; or Red, White & Rosé. Wines vary by month, so something new is always on the horizon.

Spreading the wine love, a unique rewards program gives customers $10 off when referring their friends. They also earn points toward their next order. 

A Wine Affiliate Program incentivizes significant networkers, content sites, influencers, and bloggers. With each referral, they earn a 10% commission. Details and application on the website.

ABOUT Big Hammer Wines is an online wine retailer based in California that operates a unique direct import and distribution company. By eliminating the middleman, consumers pay less. 

Owner Greg Martellotto is a winemaker who is trained to identify wine flaws and quality in a unique way. With over 20 years of experience in all facets of the wine business, they have done it all. Now they are leveraging their expertise to bring the best wines to wine lovers.

Inc. Magazine recognized Big Hammer Wines as one of the fastest-growing companies in the U.S. in 2018.

Big Hammer Wines

The wine experts at Big Hammer Wines taste thousands of wines every year from around the globe, looking for quality and value. This special offer reflects the passion we have for our clients.

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