2016 Secondo Cerchio 'Catturasogni' Rosso di Toscana

Wine makes the world a better place, and 2016 Secondo Cerchio 'Catturasogni' Rosso di Toscana is the proof of that. 

If you’re familiarized with Supertuscan wines, then you know they are some transgressive and disruptively amazing wines. But you know what is even more transgressive and disruptive? Finding a 92-point Supertuscan, ready to drink at less than $25 per bottle. Yes, you read right!

This bad boy comes from a 98-point vintage, a Super year in Tuscany (see what I did there 😉) and was rewarded with 92 points by the man himself, James Suckling: “Full-bodied and nicely structured, boasting just the right amount of acidity to balance the plush fruit.”

With technique and hard work, Secondo Cerchio combines grape varieties, environment, and terroir to obtain special quality expressions in their wines. At the heart of their philosophy is the principle that each and every grape variety achieves its optimum quality expression only in specific environments.

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