97 Point Vintage: 2019 Bennett Lane Maximus Proprietary Red Napa Valley

If you’re one of our loyal customers who have tasted (and loved) the Sei Querce, or a new member of the BHW family, we have an extraordinary surprise for you today.

The wine? 2019 Bennett Lane Maximus Proprietary Red from Napa Valley

Why the reference to Sei Querce, you ask? Because we're absolutely positive this wine will sweep you off your feet, just like Sei Querce did. And if you've never experienced Sei Querce but adore Napa Cabs, get ready for your next obsession.

Curious to see more? Check out a video where our BHW Owner and founder, Greg Martellotto, tastes, loves, and shares insights about this exquisite wine: WATCH HERE

2016 Whitehall Lane Leonardini Estate Cabernet Sauvignon