Rare 100% Single Vineyard Napa Petit Verdot: 2015 Cerro Block Petit Verdot Napa Valley

If you're a BHW loyal customer, you know we adore Cerro Winery. If you're new and haven't tasted these amazing wines, get ready for an adventure!

Petit Verdot is a secret ingredient in many top blends in Bordeaux and Napa. It’s hard to find as a mono-varietal, especially from a high quality single vineyard. Well, we found one. And, it’s a joy to drink.

Our love for Cerro Napa Cab is no secret. Year after year, these wines claim their spot as one of our top sellers. Why? They’re simply amazing!

So, what's the deal with Cerro wines? It's the perfect blend of expertise, terroir, and quality

Owned by J. Derek Beitler, nephew of legendary winemaker Charlie Wagner, Cerro is in good hands. Derek, a talented winemaker, honed his skills in the vineyards and cellars of Caymus before venturing out on his own, founding JDB Wines and Carne Humana Winery in Napa with cousin Joey Wagner.

Now, drumroll, please! Introducing the latest star in our lineup: the 2015 Cerro Block Petit Verdot Napa Valley. Yep, you read that right—a 100% Petit Verdot party in a bottle! This varietal is rarely crafted on its own. But, when it's done well, like this version, it's a "WOW" wine not to be missed.

This wine isn't for the faint of heart. It's big, bold, and ready to knock your socks off, straight from the vineyards of Rutherford. And can we talk about that vintage? 2015 was like the Beyoncé of Napa Valley vintages—STUNNING, scoring a whopping 97 points from the Wine Advocate. Bow down!

Grown in the cool Oak Knoll District and crafted with love. This wine is mainly from the famous Cerrito Block vineyard in Rutherford AVA. A defining feature of the vineyard is Cortina Series soil (one of the most prized soil features in Napa Valley but only present in a few coveted sites).

This wine is a rare find, with only 125 cases produced.

So, why should you jump on the Cerro Block Petit Verdot train?

➡️ This ain't your run-of-the-mill wine—it's a 100% Single Vineyard Napa Petit Verdot, a true gem.

➡️ With J. Derek Beitler at the helm, you know you're in good hands.

➡️ It was born in a 97-point vintage!

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