2010 Cazes Muscat de Rivesaltes Vin Doux Naturel 375ml

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This winery did the hard work aging these delectable bottles so you don’t have to! Since 1895, the Cazes clan has tilled vineyards in and around Rivesaltes--now growing to 220 organically farmed hectares--that yield some of the best expressions of Rivesaltes terroir on the market! This is a wine to purchase not by the bottle but by the case! Another bonus is that the half bottle will stay fresh in your refrigerator for weeks.

About the Wine

The Cazes family worked this land for 50 years before releasing their first wines, and they’ve only gotten better with each vintage since! Now certified biodynamic for a full twenty years, the estate is a picture of dedication to the best agricultural practices and you can taste it. A rare treat, this aged muscat wine has developed secondary and tertiary qualities of honey and caramel laced with orange rind, dried apricot, vanilla, cinnamon, clove, and allspice. The fermentation is halted with the addition of high proof grape spirit, so the remaining sweetness is natural from the grape.

Winemaker: Lionel Laval
Appellation: Rivesaltes AOC
Accolades96 pts, Jessica Marinzeck, Certified Sommelier, WSET Diploma
Grapes: 70% Muscat d'Alexandrie et 30% Muscat à Petits Grains
Cooperage: Stainless
Alcohol: 15%


96 pts - Jessica Marinzeck, Certified Sommelier, WSET Diploma

A small glass of this naturally sweet wine is the perfect nightcap. Lightly honeyed and still quite young, there is a bitter almond and dried apricot quality that is refreshing. Not cloying or overly sweet, the wine would also be heavenly with madeleines.

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