2019 Bertani Bertarose Rosé

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  • Molinara & Merlot based Rosé
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About the Wine

Bertani’s impact on Veneto wine making, particularly in Amarone production, is so considerable that ‘Bertani’ and ‘Amarone’ are nearly synonymous. Their 150+ year history is dotted with groundbreaking initiatives and royal accreditation. While respectful of their past, Bertani strives towards innovation, using progressive techniques and equipment allied with extensive experience and a deeply felt respect for tradition to provide wines of uncompromising quality.

The two varieties are vinified separately, using an innovative on-the-skins fermentation for the Molinara and off-the-skins fermentation for the Merlot. Once fermentation is finished, the two wines are blended and then aged in stainless steel tanks for about three months on the lees at the end of fermentation.

Tasting notes: 75% Molinara. 25% Merlot. Fresh aromas of pomegranate and redcurrants with notes of white flowers. Decisive on the palate, good body, and a good balance between acidity and tanginess. Excellent length. Perfect as an aperitif, it also goes well with salads, delicate-flavored pasta dishes, and white meat.



***Free Shipping on 6 or More Bottles of This Wine***