Gonzalez Byass Matusalem Vinum Optimum Rare Signatum 30 Year Sherry 375ml

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  • “Matusalem Operates In Its Own Zone With Its Own Rules” ~Wine Enthusiast.
  • Very Old Rare Sherry
  • Sustainable & Biological
  • Top Sherry Winery
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    About the Wine

    If you are a fortified wine lover, it is very possible that you have heard and tasted Sherry wines from Gonzalez Byass. Gonzalez Byass is a family business located in the heart of Sherry wines, in Jerez de la Frontera. The history of this company dates back to 186 years when the young Manuel María González started the family business that would soon become the most recognized and famous Sherry company in the world.

    Gonzalez Byass began to grow exponentially, so much so that Manuel González had to get involved in the production of wine and not only in the commercial part. Manuel learned about the process of making this wonderful, fortified wine thanks to his uncle José Angel. And in his honor, one of the most renowned labels from this winery in the world was born, the famous “Tio Pepe”.If you want to get an idea of how famous this wine is, just search Google for “Puerta del Sol in Madrid”, and a large and bright sign “Tío Pepe” will immediately appear.

    It is worth mentioning that until that moment, the winery did not have the surname "Byass" incorporated into the name. Byass comes from the famous English wine businessman and merchant, Robert Blake Byass who became the exclusive agent for England, the country where the wine was mostly exported.

    Gonzalez Byass has nearly 5,000 acres of vineyards located around the world. The vast majority in Spain, in regions such as Jerez, La Rioja, Burgos, and Catalonia, but also in other places like Chile and Mexico. González Byass manages its vineyards in a sustainable and biological way. With a great commitment and responsibility both socially and environmentally.

    Let's talk about the winemaking process of Sherry since, in the world of wine, this process deserves an honorable mention. Sherry (Jerez in Spanish) is the famous fortified wine made from native white grapes grown in a triangular area in southern Spain: Jerez de la Frontera, Sanlúcar de Barrameda, and El Puerto de Santa María.

    Winemakers use the complex solera system for aging, blending many vintages. Added brandy after fermentation results in a dry wine. Sweeter styles have added sweeteners.

    Gonzalez Byass Matusalem Vinum Optimum Rare Signatum 30 Year Sherry is a "Very Old Rare Sherry" and it is a spectacular, rare wine and a gem that all savvy wine drinkers must have in their cellar. A wine that will explode in your mouth with every sip you take, and that if you pair it with a slice of blue cheese and some walnuts, it will take you straight to paradise!

    Aging: 30 years in Solera System 

    Tasting Notes: Very dark brown with tawny rim. Aromas of. honey, figs, very, very intense almost oily notes. Rich, full-bodied, and beautifully balanced, tangy acidity and a sweet finish. Very Complex. 


    Forget about Sherry styles, Matusalem operates in its own zone with its own rules.An intense, smoky nose shows charred barrel notes and prunes aromas. A rich but snappy palate is not the least bit sticky, while deep flavors of chocolate, coffee, vanilla, and molasses finish with grace. ~94 Wine Enthusiast.

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