Hinomaru Junmai Sake

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  • Pure Rice Fermentation
  • +300 Year Old Brewery
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About the Wine 

Hinomaru is the name of the Japanese flad, and it is translated as "Circle of the Sun" as it can be seen represented in a red circle; also known as the banner of Good Luck.

Hinomaru is the only brewery in all of Japan that is allowed to use this name.The name was given by the Lord Stake in the times of the feudal lords. Which leads us to say that it is the most classic Brewery of sake in the whole country!

Since its foundation in 1698, Hinomaru has been synonymous with quality, perfection, and tradition. The brewery is currently run by Joji Sato, who along with Ryouji Takahashi, the brew master, and they have managed to maintain this product as a standard in the country.

The brewery has the great fortune of being located in a key point where they have easy access to high quality natural resources. For example, the soil of the Yokote region (which is known for its production of premium rice), and the water originating from the Kurikoma Mountain, which is the ideal water for sake production. Thanks to all this, and to the Toji (the sake masters and experts) this sake can achieve greatness!

Sake is a drink made from rice grains and it is the typical beverage of Japan. Its preparation is particularly interesting. Unlike other cereals, in sake, the fermentation (the process of transformation sugar into alcohol) and the transformation of starch happen at the same time, making it a double special alcoholic beverage and a pleasure to drink!

Junmai translates to "Pure Rice”. This means that it is made using only rice, water, yeast and koji (the famous mushroom used to prepare rice for sake fermentation).

Tasting Notes: Floral aromas with fruity notes of honeydew. On the palate, this sake is delicate and lean, fennel and herbs and a rich and smooth finish. Pairs perfectly with Japanese food like sushi or ramen.



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