La Cosecha Riserva Sherry Vinegar de Jerez 10 years old

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About the Wine

Many of the world's foremost culinary experts agree that vinegar produced from pure sherry wine in Jerez de la Frontera is of unequaled excellence for salads and cooking purposes.

These vinegars are in short supply - for only occasionally does a barrel of Oloroso choose a different path. The result is an excellent robust and nutty vinegar, desired by connoisseurs. After long aging in oak casks the flavor becomes rich and strong, more intense than other vinegars.

For this reason, less is better. An excellent and subtle salad dressing can be made by combining one part of this vinegar to four parts of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, then a pinch of sale, a teaspoon of sugar, and some freshly ground pepper.

At 8% acid, this is about twice as acidic as most store bought vinegars. For this reason, it is used sparingly for an amazing nuanced, oak aged, bright flavor.