Mulassano Vermouth di Torino Bianco

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About the wine

Surprisingly, the most impressive quality of this jaw-dropping white vermouth that's filled honeycomb, fresh pine, candied orange peel, honeysuckle, and a succulent waxy mouthfeel is the origin of this awe-inspiring vermouth. Our story begins in 1907 taking place in the Streets of Turin, the birthplace of Vermouth, with the legendary Mulassano Cafe. 

The Mulassano Cafè has been an exclusive hangout for the notables of the Royal House and the artists from the nearby Teatro Regio. Over the years it has become a meeting place for well-regarded directors, actors, singers, and intellectuals alike. It was the love of the cafes' house Vermouth that attracted a variety of customers and local celebrities. Although relatively new to the international market, those native to Northern Italy have known about the greatness of Mulassano Vermouth for years!

The Mulassano Vermouth Bianco is gold, with a syrup-like texture and very aromatic. The nose is full of fresh honeycomb, orange peel, pine needles, marigold, honeysuckle, candle wax, and a hint of lemon zest. The palate explodes with flavor! Rich, complex, waxy, floral, ripe fruits, herbaceous; all harmoniously intermingled to deliver a euphoric wonder of flavors. Simply put, this Vermouth is incredibly amazing. No matter your preference, whether it be for big reds, aromatic whites, sweet sparklings you will love this Vermouth, on the rocks with a lemon twist. So much complexity and depth can and should be enjoyed by all food and beverage purveyors.

I challenge you to try something different, to dare greatly, to take your palate on an everlasting ride of ecstasy because once this Vermouth graces your lips this is one ride you won't want to end. The everlasting finish of the Mulassano Vermouth Bianco will be passed down to future generations of your family and friends because, like us, you won't be able to stop talking about it. Trust me on this one, your palate needs to find its soulmate and this is it. Like the native people of Turin have known for hundreds of years, this is one of the best vermouths in the world and this is your opportunity to get a couple bottles of this magical aperitif.

Tasting Notes: Waxy sweetness with freshness on the palate and herbal notes balancing an elegant finish.

COLOR: Bright yellow with amber reflections

INGREDIENTS: Muscato wine, sugar, grain alcohol, an infusion of botanicals including: wormwood, lemon, mint, cardamom, bitter orange peel, vanilla, elder, gentian, sage quinine.