Suckling's #36 Gem: Discover Chilean Brilliance with a 96-Point BDX Blend from Top 100 Andes

"Ask yourself this: If you could get one of the best Bordeaux blends from a wine region, what would you pay? If it was from Napa, you'd surely pay over $200. If it was from Bordeaux, you could easily pay $300. Even in Chile where you can find amazing values, you'd pay over $100. Now, add that this wine is in a peak drinking window and has 11 years of aging on it? This wine at this price is like stealing. At BHW: 👉Our Master of Wine is one of only 415 people in the world with that title. She uses these wines in her classes. 👉 is an online store based in San Diego. Since 2009, we've delivered JOY to wine lovers like you. 👉We taste 5,000 wines per year so you don't have to 👉☎ Count on 5 Star customer service that helps you with everything 🚚Enjoy Free shipping on 6 or more bottles, mix and match Shop here today:"

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