Spring Wines: This is What We're Drinking This Season

As spring arrives, it's time to start thinking about the perfect wines to accompany the season.

Selecting the right wine to sip on a warm afternoon or pair with a seasonal dish is essential to enhance your springtime experience.

In this article, we will discuss three types of wine that are perfect for spring sipping - Prosecco, Sancerre, and Pinot Noir.

Each of these wines offers a unique set of flavors and characteristics, making them an ideal choice for the season. Now let’s get started…

#1 - Prosecco: The Bubbly Choice for Spring: Try 2021 Blancjat Glera IGT Venezia Giulia Frizzante Unfiltered Prosecco

2021 Blancjat Glera IGT Venezia Giulia Frizzante Unfiltered Prosecco

Prosecco is a type of sparkling wine that is perfect for springtime celebrations. Originating from the Veneto region of Italy, Prosecco is produced using the Glera grape and undergoes a second fermentation process in stainless steel tanks, creating its characteristic bubbles. With its refreshing, light, and crisp taste, Prosecco is an excellent choice for springtime sipping. It has a lively flavor profile with notes of green apple, lemon, and pear. Prosecco is an incredibly versatile wine that pairs well with a range of foods, including light appetizers, salads, and seafood dishes. It's also an ideal wine to enjoy during outdoor activities such as picnics or brunches.

#2 - Sancerre: A Crisp and Refreshing White Wine: Try 2022 Domaine Roland Tissier et Fils Les Caillottes Sancerre

2022 Domaine Roland Tissier et Fils Les Caillottes Sancerre

Sancerre is a classic white wine originating from the Loire Valley region of France. This wine is made from Sauvignon Blanc grapes and has a bright acidity and crisp minerality, with trademark flavors of gooseberry, lemon, and flint. These flavors make it the perfect wine for springtime sipping. Sancerre pairs well with a variety of springtime dishes, such as grilled fish, salads, and asparagus. It's also an excellent choice for enjoying with friends and family in a casual setting.

#3 - Pinot Noir: A Versatile Red for Spring: Try 2019 Ram's Gate Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir

2019 Ram's Gate Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir is a light-to-medium bodied red wine that's ideal for the spring season. Pinot Noir's flavor profile includes fruity and earthy notes. With its light body and soft tannins, Pinot Noir pairs well with a range of foods, including grilled vegetables, salmon, and chicken. The ideal serving temperature for Pinot Noir is between 55-60°F, and it's best served in a large bowl-shaped glass to enhance the aromas and flavors.


From the bubbly Prosecco to the crisp and refreshing Sancerre, and the versatile Pinot Noir, there's a wine for every palate and occasion.

Here are the key takeaways from the article:

  • Prosecco is an excellent choice for celebrations and light meals, thanks to its unique bubbles and flavors.
  • Sancerre, with its minerality and acidity, pairs perfectly with fresh seafood and other light dishes.
  • Pinot Noir, with its fruity and earthy notes, is a versatile red wine that can be served chilled and pairs well with a variety of dishes.
  • When selecting a wine for springtime sipping, consider the season's weather and the occasion.
  • Don't be afraid to try new wines and explore different styles to find your perfect springtime sip.

So whether you're planning a springtime picnic or a backyard barbecue, be sure to choose the right wine to complement the season and make the most of the warmer weather.

We hope you'll discover new favorites with our curated picks that range from crisp and light to fuller-bodied, perfect to put spring in your sip!

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