Bulgarian Jewel: 2016 Telescope Mavrud Bulgaria

Are you ready to travel to the unknown? To visit a destination with centuries of history and tradition producing outstanding wines on world-class terroir? Then you should give this wine a try and discover the enchanted land of Bulgaria!
If you consider yourself an adventurer and a person who loves discovering new aromas, flavors, and textures, this is the wine for you! The 2016 Telescope Mavrud from Bulgaria is a wine that speaks for itself, and on the palate, it's like feeling the sound of a beautiful melody. If you're wondering about the price of this hidden gem, let me tell you, we have the best price anywhere!
Though not a large country, Bulgaria has several different climate areas. Beyond climates, it's easiest to think about Bulgaria in terms of five main viticulture areas: Thracian Valley, Danube Plain, Black Sea Coast, Rose Valley, and Struma Valley. Each offers a unique combination of soil, topography, sunshine, wind, and rain. Like other wine-growing regions of the world, each can be subdivided even further. The Thracian Valley rests on the same latitudinal plain as Tuscany and Rioja.
Grapes for this wine are from the Thracian Valley–the southernmost point–of Bulgaria on the gently rolling hills that make up the country's border with Greece. Winegrowers there continue centuries of tradition producing outstanding wines on world-class terroir of clay and cinnamon forest soils and a south-facing slope which provide excellent conditions for the vines of this Bulgarian original. Bulgaria's geographic location has placed it at the center of various political tensions over the decades which has greatly inhibited the export of native wines. This truly is a diamond in the rough.
This wine is made from an indigenous Bulgarian varietal named Mauvrud. The fruit for this wine was carefully selected and sorted by hand. After fermentation, the wine ages for ten months in French oak barrels, developing aromas and flavors of red fruits and cloves with a spicy finish. A pure expression of this local Bulgarian jewel.
Let's recap, for only $19.99, you can get a wine that comes straight from the history books. Besides having such an ancient history, you can also enjoy the complex flavors, structure, and aromas of dark chocolate, red cherry, black plum, raspberry, cloves, and cinnamon at a price that can't be matched anywhere else.
And last but not least, if you guys are wondering how to pair such a unique wine, Mavrud Wine can be paired with dishes like rosemary potatoes and desserts such as creamy mousses and mascarpone pie, cheesecake, lemon tart, and soft cakes.
Medium violet color. Roasted aromas and flavors of dark chocolate coated berries and nuts, caramelized yams, mocha creme brulee, and pepper on fresh herbs with a supple, bright, dry-yet-fruity medium body and a smooth, interesting, medium-long berry cobbler a la mode, coffee gelato, orange blossom water, and nut skin finish with soft, silky tannins and light oak. A supple and captivating indigenous Bulgarian red that delights with appealing brushstrokes of distinctive flavors. ~91 Tastings.com
This is your call to bring home a bottle (or six to get free shipping) of exquisite and authentic Bulgarian Wine!
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