2016 Tesseron Estate 'Pym-Rae' Napa Valley

There are some families in the wine world, where no matter what piece of land or parcel they touch, excellence is guaranteed to follow. Today's leader in quality is the Tesseron family. From Cognac to Bordeaux, and now Napa Valley they continue to raise the bar wherever they go.

Enter the Tesseron's Napa Valley dream, Pym-Rae. What was once the spectacular home of Robin Williams has now become one of the preeminent wines of Napa Valley. The 2016 Tesseron Estate 'Pym-Rae' from Napa Valley  will be every Napa Valley collector's newest obsession.

The Pym-Rae vineyard gets its name from the middle names of Robin Williams children, Pym and Rae. Prior to the Tesseron's acquisition of this unparalleled estate the grapes from this vineyard were sold to Robert Craig, Vineyard 29, and Rombauer. Robert Craig, on a near-annual basis, used these grapes for their Mount Veeder Cabernet bottling. Now, these grapes are used to produce one of Napa's greatest wines.

The 2016 Pym-Rae is the inaugural bottling from the Tesseron's who have brought on the highly talented Michel Rolland and the former assistant winemaker at Pontet-Canet, Jerome Ledit, to oversee their winemaking. The 98 point Napa Cab is full-bodied yet reserved and full of fresh plums, candied violets, green olives, cigar box, dark chocolate, and cracked walnuts. It's a sensational wine that will continue to get better over the next 20-30 years.

Leave it to the Tesseron's to transform this mighty estate into an overnight Napa powerhouse. The Tesseron's are also behind one of Paulliac's finest estates, Château Pontet-Canet, and ran the 4th growth Château Lafon-Rochet up until 2021. The evidence is clear, wherever the Tesseron's go, greatness is sure to follow.

Let's not forget Napa's near-perfect 2016 vintage. Which received a plethora of high scores from critics everywhere, including a 98 from Wine Spectator.

If you're a connoisseur of Cabernet Sauvignon from Napa Valley, the Pym-Rae is a must-have. I can't think of a better bottle to add than the inaugural 98 point bottling from a 98 point vintage.

Best price west of the Mississippi. Only 18 bottles are available, don't miss.

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