92-95 Point Vintage Vinous Media: 2020 Scrimaglio Barbaresco

This is why we love what we do! AND we love you so much that for 24 hours, we are passing along savings of $24/bottle to you! Like stuffing 20 bucks right in your pocket!  Why? Because we want it on your holiday table so you can ‘WOW’ everyone in the room.

Here’s the story: Not too long ago (just last year, to be exact), we embarked on an epic journey to the heart of Piedmont to find a Barbaresco that outshined others that cost 2-3x more… MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

Today, we've got you covered with one of Italy's wine superstar picks, the 2020 Scrimaglio Barbaresco, proudly listed as one of Luca Maroni's "Best Wines of the Year," and available today at the LOWEST price in the USA Market!

Sure, Barolo is King of Italian wines. But you know who's rocking the title of Queen in the Italian wine scene? Barbaresco! A Top-notch Piedmont that's not only amazing but also approachable. The best of both worlds, that is the magic of Barbaresco.

Now, you may be curious about why the 2020 Scrimaglio Barbaresco earns its place among the best Italian wines of the year. It's pretty simple: outstanding quality, delightful flavors, and a touch of enchantment... make it a 6-pack or shoot a 12-pack, the last thing you want is Uncle Tony (yes, it’s true), yelling, WHY DIDN’T YOU BUY MORE OF THAT WINE! 

This is why it pays to have boots on the ground! During one of our many wine events, something exciting unfolded: We crossed paths with Viti Colte, one of Piedmont's premier cooperatives, and that's when the story took a thrilling turn.

We had some great chats, did some serious tasting, and eventually got to try their under-the-radar winery called Scrimaglio. (By the way, Scrimaglio wasn't available in the USA) And guess what? Boom! In no time, we were doing business with them – and I mean, we wanted it all! We boldly brought in almost their entire lineup. (You can CLICK HERE if you want to take a closer look.)

So, what sets this winery apart? Terrific terroir, savvy members, and cutting-edge science, top-quality wines. 

As you pour this wine, its magic unfolds. You'll catch a whiff of the powerful and complex blend of ripe plum and black cherry, with subtle notes of powdered coffee and tobacco adding depth. When it lands on your palate, get ready for a luxurious and vibrant experience. The smooth tannins leave an enduring impression. Yep, there's definitely a hint of magic in every sip & it could be yours today for $31/bottle!

According to Ian D'Agata from Decanter Magazine "Barbarescos have never been better." We wholeheartedly agree!

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