Top Cru Beaujolais: Domaine Anita Beaujolais Collection

Fall has arrived, and just like American Novelist F. Scott Fitzgerald said, “Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.”

There’s something so magical about the fall season. Might be the cozy weather, family gatherings, nice food, pumpkins, and for us, getting to enjoy some of our autumn favorite wines.

When thinking of fall, there’s a wine that immediately comes to mind: Beaujolais. There’s a reason why Beaujolais loves fall so much. This wine, made with Gamay grape is a go-to for pairing these season’s specialtieslike roast turkey, Brussel sprouts, Butternut squash salad, and even yummy desserts like pecan pie.

Today’s offer is not one, but four of the most magnificent Beaujolais, you’ll ever come across:

95pt 2020 Domaine Anita Morgon 'Prestige' Beaujolais

95pt 2020 Domaine Anita Moulin-a-Vent Reine de Nuit Beaujolais

95pt 2020 Domaine Anita Moulin-a-Vent Coeur de Vigneronne Beaujolais

92pt 2020 Domaine Anita Chenas Cuvee P'tit Co 'Les Brureaux'

Now, you might be wondering, why are these the best Beaujolais I’ll ever come across? The answer is simple: They come from Domaine Anita. 

Domaine Anita is the spitting image of top-quality Beaujolais. James Suckling, spoke about Domaine Anita’s owner, Anita Kuhnel, by saying that “her twin obsessions with quality and strictly vinifying each plot of vineyard separately earned her two 95-plus ratings in our report. Her wines are concentrated and plush.”

Anita’s viticultural philosophy is one of sustainable viticulture, with minimal treatments, green harvesting, and strong canopy management. Those practices certainly help create a fine wine but so do the old vines that are about 60 years old. Anita works hand to hand with Guy Marion, former head of winemaking at Georges Duboeuf, a wine legend that has more than 52harvests in Beaujolais.

Together, they have created some of the highest-quality Beaujolais that the world has ever seen (and tasted) and today, we have them at the lowest price anywhere!

All these wines come from different crus, which are also known to be the best crus in the Beaujolais region. Here’s what you should know about each amazing wine:

2020 Domaine Anita Morgon 'Prestige' Beaujolais comes from Morgon. This cru is knownas one of the highest-quality regions and it is known to produce the most ageableBeaujolais wines. This outstanding wine was awarded 95pts by James Suckling,who called it “The heart of Morgon” with a “Wonderfully plush texture”

2020 Domaine Anita Moulin-a-Vent Reine de Nuit Beaujolais comes from Moulin-a-Vent. This region is considered “the sturdiest, most tannic, longest-lived” among the 10 Crus of Beaujolais. This wine was awarded 95 points by James Suckling, who said it is “animated by a staggering freshness that makes this really stand out in the Moulin-a-Vent context. Concentrated and beautifully balanced.”

2020 Domaine Anita Moulin-a-Vent Coeur de Vigneronne Beaujolais, comes from the same Moulin-a-Vent region, which is known to produce dark and deep Gamay wines, and this one was blessed with 95 points by James Suckling. He described it as “dark and with a sensual soul,”while Wine Enthusiast spoke about its “impressive concentration.”

2020 Domaine Anita Chenas Cuvee P'tit Co 'Les Brureaux' comes from Chenas, a region known to produce more elegant and tender wines with an amazing aging capability. This wine was awarded 92 points by James Suckling, who said “How could you resist the enveloping black aroma of this stunning Beaujolais Cru? So ripe and succulent, but also so lively.”

So here’s our advice: Immerse yourself in the world of Beaujolais.Get one bottle of each, (remember we offer free shipping on 6 or more bottles mix and match,) discover and taste each of these top-quality Crus, then pair them with amazing autumn dishes.

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