99pt Montepulciano D’Abruzzo : NV Tenuta Ulisse '10 Vendemmie' Limited Edition Rosso

Throughout the northern hemisphere, the grape harvest is happening. In Napa, in Bordeaux, in Rioja, in Mosel…just about every wine-growing region is measuring acid and sugar levels, then deciding the perfect date to bring in the fruit. This is happening in Italy’s Abruzzo region now, too, where the harvest is known as vendemmia and where Montepulciano makes “solid, rich, easy-to-like, and best of all wallet-friendly wines,” according to James Suckling.

The Tenuta Ulisse 10 Vendemmie Limited Edition Rosso is a 99-point wine where 10 vendemmia of Montepulciano are combined and released as one, showcasing the venerated art of blending. This multi-vintage blend combines each individual vintage that was selected for its depth of character and flavor.It represents Ulisse’s commitment to producing outstanding wines that truly represent the terroir of Abruzzo. 

Only the estate’s best grapes have gone into this limited edition, meditative wine. What do we mean by meditative? This wine will make you want to close your eyes, breathe in, sip, and get lost in your thoughts as you experience layers of primary, secondary, and tertiary development from the separate vintages combined into one

We're super impressed with Tenuta Ulisse and its wines. We're not the only ones. Italian wine expert Luca Maroni has consistently rated the Montepulciano from Ulisse as one of the best in Abruzzo and indeed, in all of Italy. Founded in 2006, it is now the flagship of winemaking revival in the region.

Owners and brothers Antonio and Luige Ulisse are two passionate winemakers who pour their heart and soul into their family winery. They combine new winemaking methods with hundreds of years of winemaking traditions in the region. Their vision is “To use the most expressive and unique terroirs of Abruzzo to create Abruzzo fine wine of distinction." 

This truly is a limited edition wine. Ulisse does not make a 10-year vintage wine each year. Fortunately, you’ll be able to drink this beautiful red for at least the next 10 years; it has excellent aging potential. Montepulciano from Abruzzo is the #1 Italian wine we love to recommend to folks who also love Cabernet Sauvignon from Napa Valley. The flavor profile is quite similar to core blue fruits, with a hint of mocha, and a dose of oaky vanilla.

Consider this: most wines we sell here BHW that are 97 points and above go for well over $100. Ones that are 99 points? They can go for hundreds. With our over 20% discount, this is an incredibly rare opportunity to experience a 99-point wine for under $50!

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