2020 Beau Vigne Cabernet Sauvignon Cabby Napa Valley

  • "One of My Favorite Wineries" ~Robert Parker
  • Kirk Venge, One of Best Young Winemakers Worldwide, son of "King of Cab"
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About the Wine

Beau Vigne flies under the radar as a “hidden gem” and small boutique winery producing only a few thousand cases a year. Fans and critics alike flock to the winery for its outstanding wines and genuine hospitality including famed critic Robert Parker who refers to Beau Vigne as “one of my favorite wineries.” 

Behind Cabby is Kirk Venge, Napa Valley born and raised, and one of the most highly regarded young winemakers worldwide. He carries on his family's winemaking legacy with a passion that runs deep. His father was legend Nils Venge, a.k.a “King of Cab”and producer of the mythical 1985 Groth Cab- the first Californian wine to obtain a perfect 100 score by Robert Parker.

Embracing his father's creed of "making wine in the vineyard" and following in his grandfather's footsteps, Kirk was raised amidst the fertile Napa Valley soils, where his love for winemaking took root.  With years of schooling, decades of training, and generations of family farming experience in Napa Valley, Kirk's journey culminated in the founding of Venge Vineyards in 1999 and the collaboration with vineyards and cellars that seek to raise their wine to new heights. Kirk was the mastermind behind Beau Vigne’s wines from 2008 to 2018.

Beau Vigne’s wines are highly esteemed and cherished among some of the world’s most important winemakers, and they have achieved numerous high-accolades. Today, they are considered among Napa Valley’s most acclaimed wines. 

This Cabernet Sauvignon was named "Cabby" and used a yellow taxi car on the label to evoke a sense of urban adventure and excitement. The name "Cabby" is a playful nod to the word "cab" commonly associated with taxis. This playful and catchy name creates an immediate connection with people who enjoy city life and have experienced the thrill of riding in a taxi. The yellow taxi car on the label further reinforces this association, instantly bringing to mind the bustling streets of a city. 

The choice of a Cabernet Sauvignon for this wine was intentional. Cabernet Sauvignon is known for its bold and robust character, which symbolizes the intensity and energy of city life. This particular Cabernet Sauvignon was crafted with a style that reflects the vibrancy and liveliness of the urban experience, making it a perfect fit for the "Cabby" name and label.

Tasting Notes: 87% Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, 10% Merlot, 3% Petite Verdot. An exceptional Cabernet Sauvignon! This year's Cabby is a classic, pristine Cabernet. Impressively ripe with a palate displaying cassis, and chocolate tobacco and is well structured but very drinkable. 



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