Rose All Day Rosé's of the World 6pk Sampler 6x750ml

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  • Sunshine in a Box
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  • Globe-Trotting Rosé Adventure
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About the Wine

2019 Golden West The Promise Pinot Noir Rose Washington -Golden West is the largest Pinot Noir planting in the history of Washington state. This estate’s goal is to produce first-class Pinots and Chardos and share them with wine lovers around the world. Fun fact: Each wine label is a representation of the terroir where the wine was grown.

2020 Chateau de Gadou Puro Rose - Château de Gaudou has been around for almost 300 years. This estate is led by the passion and commitment of the Durou family, where innovation, tradition, high quality, and sustainability have been top priorities to maintain the reputation this Château holds.

2023 Chateau La Coste Coteaux d'Aix-en-Provence Rose - In the heart of Provence, where the sun kisses the land, lies a treasure trove of beauty waiting to be discovered. Picture yourself surrounded by charming villages, stunning landscapes, and crystal-clear waters. Here is where great moments happen, and they’re always accompanied by a nice glass of Rosé.

2022 Lofos Siatista Xinomavro Greek Rose - Lazzeretti is the living image of high-quality Brunello. They're a relative newcomer in Brunello, with production starting in 2001. Marco and Julia are brothers and sisters who personally oversee the production and business. They make around 2,000 cases per year, as well as a small amount of Rosso, Riserva, Grappa, and extra virgin olive oil.

Erik Banti Spineto Rosé - Erik Banti's commitment to natural ripening is evident in the vineyards. Rejecting artificial irrigation, the grapes are nurtured to maintain their integrity. Manual harvesting ensures the essence of the fruit is preserved. Every step, from fermentation to bottling, is meticulously executed, capturing the legacy of Erik Banti.

2021 Chateau Gassier Esprit Cotes de Provence- The Estate’s wines have been officially recognized as organic wines since obtaining the Organic Agriculture Certification in 2016. This approach respects the terroir and gives the fruit its purity of flavor. Château Gassier is directly associated with the Grand Site Sainte-Victoire and promotes environmentally friendly wine-growing practices.



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