Fior di Maiella Altino Latino, Smoked Pepper with Cumin and Orange 35g

  • Inspired by Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, and South American Cuisine
  • Rich Base of Altino Smoked Pepper
  • Flavorful Blend
  • Free Shipping When You Buy 6 or More Bottles of Wine

About the Product

Inspired by our founder’s residence near the old Portuguese streets of San Diego, this seasoning has hints of Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, and South American cuisine. With a base of rich Altino smoked pepper*—an Italian version of classic Spanish paprika—this spice blend includes cumin, turmeric, orange peel, juniper, and oregano. So versatile and flavorfuladded to almost any style of cuisine: from roasted fish or chicken to grilled vegetables. Add to hummus or flavor sour cream dips and salad dressings. A true Ritrovo Selection, inspired by our passion for Italian Regional foods wherever they may travel!

Ingredients: (Dry Seasoning) Sweet Pepper Powder, Cumin, Turmeric, Orange Peel, Juniper, Oregano.

***Free Shipping Included When You Buy 6 or More (Mix & Match) Bottles of Wine***