Truffle & Salt - Sea Salt with Italian Black Truffles

  • SOFI Gold Award Winner
  • Chef's Choice
  • Ultimate Condiment
  • Free Shipping When You Buy 6 or More Bottles of Wine

About the Product

Featured by Amanda Hesser in the NY Times, and an O List (Oprah Magazine) Selection, as well as SOFI Gold Award winner, this Truffle & Salt is a Ritrovo classic and best seller. We blend Italian sea salt with real Abruzzo black truffle and a small amount of truffle essence to create a long lasting, well balanced, delicious kitchen must-have. Used by both chef's and home cooks to add flavor and umami from anything to French fries and popcorn to filet mignon and pastas, it is also perfect for manufacturing, development, and innovation. Our wide range of customers includes bakers, salumi makers and butchers, nut roasters, and potato chip producers. This fine selection of Truffle & Salt is the ultimate condiment!

Ingredients: Sea Salt, Black Truffle, Natural Flavors.

***Free Shipping Included When You Buy 6 or More (Mix & Match) Bottles of Wine***