2019 Stefano Accordini Acinatico Valpolicella Classico Superiore Ripasso

  • Over 100 Years of Winemaking Experience
  • Love Brown's Chaos Theory & Paraduxx Red? Try THIS!
  • 92 Point Vintage ~Vinous Media
  • Ripasso: Refermentation on Amarone Lees for Complexity & Depth
  • Free Shipping on 6 or More Bottles

About the Wine

If you're a fan of wines like Brown's Chaos Theory ($60+), and Paraduxx Red ($70) Blend, or enjoy California Zinfandel blends without breaking the bank, then you're in for a treat. The Stefano Accordini Ripasso offers a similar style and quality to these iconic selections, with the added bonus of a lower price.

Stefano Accordini’s winemaking records date back over 100 years, but the modern story begins in 1982, with two visionary brothers, Tiziano and Daniele, who understood that to make progress and achieve greatness, they needed to innovate. They paid close attention to new technology and winemaking methods, and soon, they completely transformed Stefano Accordini into a state-of-the-art, award-winning winery. 

In the 2000s, the two brothers made a daring move. They decided to shift their estate to the very heart of Valpolicella Classica, and it turned out to be a clever choice. They purchased more than 24 acres of land in Cavalo, located in the Fumane Valley. They formed a dynamic duo: Tiziano, the business strategist, and Daniele, the rockstar winemaker. This gamble paid off well. Their wines became even better and have stayed that way till now. Their winery now proudly holds the highest position in Valpolicella Classica. Today, the brothers own over 61 acres of vineyards in all the best regions of the Valpolicella.

This wine is produced by a method called “Ripasso”. Ripasso is a term that derives from the refermentation of the grapes on the Amarone lees, which gives the wine a deeper color, body, and dried fruit flavors. The wine ages 12 months, one-third in French barrels, one-third in American barrels, the other third in Slavonian oak barrels, and the rest of the time in bottles.

2019 was a good year for this region. Vinous Media awarded this vintage with a 92-point score and said, "The wines from 2019 show the sun-kissed character of the vintage, yet with bright acidities."

Aging: 12 months in barrels.

Tasting Notes: Corvina Veronese, Corvinone, Rondinella, Molinara. The 2019 Stefano Accordini Acinatico Valpolicella Classico Superiore Ripasso is a wine that exudes sensuality in every drop. A wine that beckons with its deep ruby hue. Its bouquet is a captivating blend of ripe fruit, exotic spices, and a whisper of tobacco, while the taste is bold yet tender, caressing your palate with soft tannins. This wine's seductive charm lies in the "Ripasso" method, a dance of grapes on Amarone lees that bestows depth and dried fruit flavors.



***Free Shipping on 6 or More Bottles of This Wine***