2020 Poderi Angelini Susumaniello Tarantino Puglia

  • Rare Indigenous Italian Variety 
  • Rich and Intense Red Wine
  • Concentrated, Fruity, and Spicy 
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About the Wine

The vineyards of Poderi Angelini lie in Manduria, in the stunning region of Puglia, the heartland of Salento, once a fortress of the Messappii. This southern Italian wine region speaks for its territory represented by strong, powerful sun, wind, and elegant soils.

Podere Angelini was founded in 1998 by Luigi Antonio Angelini when he decided to set up a significant project in the wine field.

2020 Poderi Angelini Susumaniello is a unique wine made from Susumaniello. The typical characteristic of these grapes is the black color, a result of their exposure to the intense sunlight, benefited by their proximity to the Ionian Sea, giving freshness and minerality to the wines.

Susumaniello is an indigenous grape from the region, known as “Somarello” or “Donkey” due to its high yields when young. Like a donkey who can bear a lot of weight, Susumaniello vines can carry a lot of grapes. The grape is small, dark blue, and very rich, with an extreme and intense variety in flavor and color. It can be harvested in mid-September.

The winery has one particular mission to grow top-quality wines, destined to make great wines that express the outstanding identity of Salento and respect the environment where they are grown. 

Tasting Notes: 100% Susumaniello. Its bright ruby red color offers complex structure and delicate aromas characterized by hints of spices and floral notes. Excellent paring with meat and short, medium, and aged cheeses.



***Free Shipping on 6 or More Bottles of This Wine***