2021 Tenute Piccini Poggio Al Sale Chianti DOCG

  • 96 Point Chianti
  • “One of the Most Dynamic & Innovative Wineries in Italy Today" ~WE
  • More than 140 Years of Winemaking Experience
  • Direct Import
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About the Wine

The Piccini family has tenderly worked their vines since 1882, starting with a small estate with little more than 17 acres of vineyards, now grown to over four estates. Their passion for quality and authenticity has given them a name that is one of the best-known in Tuscany.

Chianti is a paradise on earth. This amazing wine region produces what James Suckling says are "some of the finest wines in Italy and the world." The production zone, defined initially in 1716 by the Grand Duke of Tuscany, Cosimo III, covers territories in the provinces of Siena, Florence, Arezzo, Pisa, and Pistoia. These areas are perfectly suited for the production of high-quality wines, thanks to their blessed terroir, with soils composed of clay and fragmented rocks.

Its impressive pursuit of quality is what has led Tenute Piccini to quickly become one of Chianti's favorite estates. Wine Enthusiast said this Tenuta is "one of the most dynamic and innovative wineries in Italy today." Piccini is an example of tradition, they strove to reimagine Chianti as better. Piccini's owner Mario Piccini says “All we do in the present time is present in the past and also will be for the future.” These are the words they live and produce. 

A truly beautiful wine, this 2021 Tenute Piccini Poggio Al Sale Chianti DOCG is an expression of tradition with the best selection of Sangiovese and Ciliegiolo grapes. It is uniquely identified by the clay soil of Tuscany with a long maceration period.

This wine was born in one of the best vintages EVER for Chianti. Vinous Media blessed this year with a 97pt review and wrote: "Two thousand twenty-one is the single greatest young vintage I have ever tasted in Chianti Classico. Period. Full stop. The 2021s are majestic wines endowed with striking aromatics, layered fruit and all the energy that is such a signature of the appellation. Quality is consistently high across the region, while many wines hit breathtaking peaks of excellence."

A blend of 90% Sangiovese, 5% Ciliegiolo, and 5% Canaiolo, this versatile wine is best served with good company, and anything from antipasti to hearty soups, to classic pizzas, or roasts.

Tasting Notes: 90% Sangiovese, 5% Ciliegiolo, and 5% Canaiolo. A deep, ruby red with an intense and persistent fragrance of mature red fruit. It’s a well-structured, smooth wine, with soft tannins and distinct notes of red fruit.


~96 Luca Maroni.

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