2015 Brookman Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

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  • Majority Stagecoach Vineyard (Source for Paul Hobbs, Miner, Alpha Omega)
  • Legendary Gary Brookman: Miner, Grace Family, Joseph Phelps
  • 56% OFF! Napa Valley Cabernet
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About the Wine

Let me introduce you to Gary Brookman, owner of Brookman Winery, and the legendary winemaker who played a crucial role in planting the Stagecoach vineyard,along with Dr. Jan Krupp.

“Dr. Jan Krupp is a former internist who sold his practice in 1998 to pursue his dream of creating a great vineyard to rival that of Chateau Margaux and Ridge Montebello.”And guess what? He did it. He created the Stagecoach vineyard, a place that has become the go-to source of top-quality fruit for many prestigious wineries. Just think about it - Caymus, Paul Hobbs, Miner, Alpha Omega, Chappellet, Pride, Pahlmeyer, Palmaz... these are the big players, the crème de la crème, and they all source their fruit from the Stagecoach vineyard. And let me tell you, these wines don't come cheap. Most of them go for over $150 per bottle.

For those who don’t know Stagecoach vineyard is simply iconic.Trust me when I say this place is like no other vineyard I've ever experienced; it's tucked away in a remote, off-the-grid location, giving it an air of mystery and adventure.

Now, here's where things get interesting. A significant portion of the Brookman Cabernet comes straight from Stagecoach, and once you taste it, you’ll understand what’s all the fuzz surrounding this celebrated vineyard. These are the type of wines that remind me why I love wine so much.

You see, Gary is more than just a talented winemaker - he's a true visionary. In fact, he was the largest buyer of the Stagecoach vineyard, when he spent over 25 years crafting the wines of Miner, and also during his trajectory in Grace Family. The following wineries have followed suit and work with Stagecoach fruit: Levendi, Chappellet, Darioush, Duckhorn, Montelena, Orin Swift, Pahlmeyer, and Quintessa. It essential to note that most of these wines can fetch prices of up to $200+ per bottle.

And the Brookman Cab? Oh boy, does it deliver! It's a wine that embodies elegance, richness, and all the luxurious qualities you'd expect from an $85 bottle, and today, we have it at over 56% OFF!

On top of everything else you just read, the 2015 vintage in Napa Valley was absolutely epic! It scored 97 points from Wine Advocate. This is the kind of vintage you'll want to save and enjoy later. But guess what? Later is NOW, and after 8 years, it's the perfect time to pop it open and enjoy! 

Aging: 22 Months 50% New French Oak

Tasting Notes: 100% Cabernet Sauvignon.

THIS is Napa Cabernet... and I have tasted thousands and thousands of them. This ain't your "old school"Cab, but rather the right way Cab should be expressed: Suave, with a very elegant side. Gary's 30+ years of winemaking at Miner, Insignia, and Grace Family is evident in this particular wine, maintaining a respectable 14% alcohol.

The wine is drinking wonderfully now, almost like a coat of silk that fills the mouth. The aromas instantly transport me back to the time I visited Stagecoach Vineyard, with its distinctive mountain fragrance that I personally associate with garrigue, and this characteristic is clearly present in the wine.

The glass reveals delightful notes of garrigue intertwined with violets, roses, and even white flowers, backed up by a silk-laden blast of Crème de cassis, cocoa, blackberry, plum, and a long long long finish. This is Napa Cab!



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