2020 Orealios Gaea 'R' Robola of Cephalonia Greece

  • Robola is "Something Between a Chablis and a Riesling"   
  • Rare & Exceptional Greek White Wine
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About the Wine

Imagine the waves of the Ionian Sea gently caressing the shores of Kefalonia, while the evening breeze sweeps across the landscape like a magical veil. This unique co-existence of mountain and sea bestows a rare vitality upon the vineyards of the Robola Zone, perched at elevations ranging from 300 to 800 meters. The limestone, gravelly soils and the dramatic, semi-mountainous terrain define the character of this exceptional wine.

Kefalonian Robola Wine Cooperative was established in 1982. With over 300 winegrowers nurturing the vines, this cooperative blends time-honored traditions with innovative practices to produce wines that honor the legacy of Kefalonian viticulture.

Robola, often referred to as the "wine of stone," thrives in the harsh, barren landscape of Mt. Ainos. The climate, characterized by high winter precipitation and dry summer days cooled by sea breezes, creates a perfect environment for this varietal. The result is a wine with a subtle aromatic presence, metallic sharpness, unique acidity, and a full-bodied, balanced flavor.

Viticulture on the slopes of Mt. Ainos is a labor of love, with most tasks performed manually due to the steep gradients. This hands-on approach, combined with mild farming methods and the region's microclimate, ensures the distinct characteristics of Robola are preserved.

Orealios Gaea embraces the future with a nod to tradition. Since 1999, they have dedicated a portion of their vineyards to organic farming, catering to the evolving preferences of wine enthusiasts. The organic version of Robola, under the ΤRUTH label, showcases the variety's unique character with minimal use of pesticides, emphasizing purity and authenticity.

The vinification process at the Orealios Gaea winery, located near the Monastery of Agios Gerasimos, combines traditional architecture with modern technology. From harvesting to bottling, every step is meticulously managed to highlight the varietal characteristics of Robola. The winery's commitment to quality is evident in the fruity aroma, metallic sharpness, and distinctive acidity of their wines.

Tasting Notes: 100% Robola. A pleasant, young, fresh white wine, to which the relatively high acidity of Robola gives a crisp freshness, while the low yields per hectare offer body and structure.


~90 Wine & Spirits Magazine

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