2019 Bollina Menas Calabria IGT

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La Bollina, a hidden gem nestled in Calabria, Italy, is redefining what it means to be a Southern Italian wine. With a rich history influenced by the Greeks, this region is now producing world-class wines like the 98-point Bollina Menas Calabria. La Bollina Winery, a standout in the region, combines traditional winemaking with cutting-edge technology to create exceptional wines. Led by passionate winemaker Andrea Bernardini, this estate is not only producing award-winning bottles but also offering a luxurious retreat with accommodations, a golf course, and breathtaking scenery. Calabria has truly found its rockstar in La Bollina.

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"Calabria Rocks." Not our words, these are Wine Spectator words when describing this amazing South Italian wine region. Decanter also called this place "a region so lush and rich, an untouched beauty." This is home to some of Italy's greatest value, under-the-radar wines.

Calabria is located in southern Italy, just between the Ionian sea and the Tyrrhenian Sea. This region's wine history was influenced by the Greeks, who planted some of the first vines and built a good reputation throughout Europe.

2019 Bollina Menas Calabria is the perfect example of the amazing value and high quality that this region has to offer. With 98 points, this is one of the "Best Italian Wines" by Luca Maroni.

La Bollina Winery is one to watch. This impressive Italian estate is creating innovative, fun, amazing value wines. Thanks to its high quality and uniqueness, this winery has quickly become Luca Maroni's darling, who has blessed it with impressive reviews year after year.

La Bollina is located in Serravalle Scrivia AL, Italy. A municipality in the province of Alessandria, about 62 miles southeast of Turin. This historical territory was for centuries the residence of the Marchioness Figari of Genova. A 300-acre winery, surrounded by hills and chestnut forests is the location where La Bollina's magnificent wines are born.

Besides having 70 acres of cultivated vineyards, and an excellent and well-equipped cellar, in La Bollina you can find luxury accommodation for guests: An “Art Nouveau” style villa, a modern 4-star hotel, and a 9-hole golf course that expands throughout the vineyards. Bollina winery is completely renovated and has some of the most advanced techniques, systems, and instruments in modern winemaking.

Andrea Bernardini, La Bollina's consultant, is a passionate winemaker who has hit numerous home runs. In 2007, he graduated from Pisa, one of the best schools of enology in Italy. He earned his chops at Poggio Bonelli and Ruffino in Tuscany and trained in South Africa, Romania and Greece. After several years of experience, he is now a flying winemaker blending tradition and modern techniques to obtain high-quality wines with respect to the expression of the different grapes and terroir in which he works. He works hand in hand with Alex to produce these magical wines.

Aging: 6 months in French oak barrels. 

Sangiovese, Gaglioppo and Nerello. Beautiful aromas of berries and black cherries with soft notes of wood as licorice, Moka, and chocolate. Fruity notes intertwined with vanilla and mocha. Amazing structure on the palate and full body. Pair this wine with red meat, game, and seasoned cheese.

~98 pts Yearbook of the "Best Italian Wines" by Luca Maroni.

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