Fine Sea Salt from Margherita di Savoia, Puglia 500g

  • Historic Origins From the Province of Foggia
  • Adriatic Sea Source
  • Natural Sea Salt 
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About the Product

This natural sea saltis harvested in one of Europe’s most important salt pans, located in the province of Foggia in the Puglia Region. Its location along the Adriatic Coast has made it a sought-after salt and pan since ancient times when it was known as Salapia. What began there as a place of natural salt accumulation from the sea has now become an important harvesting point for sea salt for both food and other uses.  Ritrovo is excited to present this beautiful fine sea saltfrom the Adriatic Sea, the perfect table salt. Moreover, their terroir supports a Natural Reserve that is home to migrating shorebirds including pink flamingos.  A great terroir and an amazing food product.

Ingredients: Sea Salt

***Free Shipping Included When You Buy 6 or More (Mix & Match) Bottles of Wine***