Lortum Riche Vineyards Row 48 Cask 9 Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley

  • A Luxurious Blend Born from 4 Exceptional Vintages
  • "Concentrated Power and Armed With Finesse" ~96 Tasting Panel
  • Winemaker Worked at Cardinale, La Jota, and Cakebread Cellars
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About the Wine

This is a unique blend unlike any other. Lortum Riche masterfully combines grapes from the prestigious Napa Valley across four exceptional vintages (2019, 2021, and a splash of 2022). This innovative approach allows the genious winemaker to create a complex and layered flavor profile, ensuring a truly unforgettable drinking experience.

Victor Fuentes, a name synonymous with excellence, has a storied career managing vineyards for iconic names such as Cardinale, La Jota, and Cakebread Cellars. His philosophy is simple yet profound: create wines with "energy, darkness, and nuance." This philosophy is evident in the meticulous care and delicate handling that Victor brings to Lortum Riché.

Lortum Riché Vineyards, a family-operated winery, is now in the capable hands of its second generation. With a commitment to crafting eloquent wines that offer unforgettable concentration and a genuine expression of luxury, the family has elevated their estate to new heights. Their state-of-the-art winemaking facility and collaborations with Napa Valley’s premier farmers underscore their belief that exceptional wine begins in the vineyard.

You may be wondering what Lortum means. Lortum comes from lor (British English) and tum (Cambodian- a family member is Cambodian). Combined, they form a "ripe exclamation of surprise." Adding Riché... "rich, ripe, exclamation of surprise." This is what can be found in this wine. The surprise is the price!

Tasting Notes: This non-vintage Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon has an opulent bouquet. Ripe blackberries, dark cherries, and cassis mingle harmoniously, accented by delicate whispers of vanilla and baking spices. This exquisite wine boasts a rich and velvety texture. Blackcurrant, plum, and espresso intertwine seamlessly with supple, fine-grained tannins. A masterful balance of acidity imparts freshness and vitality, guiding toward a lingering finish adorned with nuances of dark chocolate and tobacco. This luxurious wine epitomizes the quintessence of Napa Valley's essence, delivering both depth and sophistication.


Sultry, with peppered espresso and luscious black cherry. Structure-plus, with a strong backbone and clarity of flavor and concentrated power and armed with finesse. ~96 The Tasting Panel Magazine.

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