Searching for an elegant gift to reward employees or thank customers or other business associates at the end of the year?

A custom label wine makes the perfect corporate gift for clients and employees. It is both personal and delicious.

Anyone who loves wine will love it even more with a personalized label.


Custom Label Wine Corporate Gifts

Corporate Gifts for Business Clients & Employees

It can be difficult finding the right corporate gift. You want any corporate gift to be thoughtful and to reflect your purpose in giving it. 

A gift of personalized wine is a unique way to convey gratitude to clients or employees. 

A beautiful, elegant bottle with a personal label or an etched design impresses any time.

The quality of the wine then elevates the gift. A gift of custom wine adds a special touch to any occasion.


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Personalized Wine for Corporate Gifts

Some people call it personalized wine or custom label wine. Others call it white label wine, private label wine, or branded wine.

Whatever you call it, it is a growing niche in the wine marketplace. Everyone loves a gift that is useful and tasty.

Personalized wine provides a unique experience reflecting individual values and tastes.

Having a bottle of wine with a personalized label speaks to the client or associate, showing that you took the time to find the right gift.


personalized wine corporate gifts

12 Reasons to Give Custom Wine as a Corporate Gift

  1. As a special appreciation for clients, employees, and other business associates.
  2. Can customize with client-specific, employee-specific, or Company branded labels.
  3. People enjoy wine and spend money on drinking and gifting wine.
  4. A bottle of personalized wine is two gifts: the wine and the bottle.
  5. Private label wine is a unique gift that makes an impression.
  6. It’s a great gift for discerning people and those who don’t need anything.
  7. Develop a year-round corporate gifting program to support your corporate image
  8. It becomes a talking point at a corporate event or party.
  9. Build relationships by sending a personalized wine gift for clients’ birthdays. 
  10. Other occasions include corporate anniversaries, executive gifts, public relations events, other company events or parties, promotional gifts, or retirement gifts.
  11. You can customize the wine, the bottle, and the label based on your needs.
  12. It satisfies the desire of someone who wants their own wine.

In short, a corporate gift of personalized wine speaks to the individual and provides a unique experience.


Twelve Reasons Custom Wine Corporate Gifts

7 Steps for Creating a Corporate Gift of Personalized Label Wine

It is easy to get started. Our wine experts will help you find the best options within your budget. 

A top-quality wine with a beautiful personalized wine label will delight your customers or associates. Here's how to do it:

  1. Set your budget.
  2. Determine the number of bottles you need.
  3. Choose the wine you prefer.
  4. Pick the bottle size.
  5. Deliver your chosen personalized label or etched design.
  6. Place the order.
  7. The wine is shipped directly when ready.

We can manage any budget or project request. 

Choose from a standard wine bottle or gift smaller half-bottles or larger magnums. 

You can purchase a single wine or create a gift set of different wines.

Select different labels for each client or send your corporate branded wine to all clients. 

No matter your choice, your clients will be delighted. 

You can also place advance orders to fulfill not just holiday obligations, but birthdays, weddings, anniversaries (work or personal), birth announcements, and other special occasions. 

Any occasion is a perfect occasion for a personalized label wine.

A customized wine is an excellent way for your clients and associates to share with family and friends. The recipient can then keep the bottle as a keepsake.

Seven Steps Creating Corporate Gift Personalized Label Wine

Personalized Wine Label Gifts are Perfect for Corporate Gifting

We look forward to helping you build the right personalized wine label gifts for corporate gifting or any occasion.

Wines are made by award-winning winemakers from the fruit of the best vineyards in Santa Barbara County. From Pinot Noir to Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon, Big Hammer Wines has wine to suit every palate.

Big Hammer Wines provides top-quality, award-winning wine at friendly prices.

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